Is your website breaking records for your business?

If the answer is no, your website might have a low conversion rate.

What is website conversion rate and how can you increase it?

Your website conversion rate is the number of customers that proceed to buy from you. Website conversions are also used to measure other than sales.

For example, you might want people to sign up for your email list. That is a type of website conversion too. Website conversions could also measure the number of visitors who download your eBook.

Any action website visitors can take can be measured through conversion rates.

If you find that you are getting traffic to your website but you are not getting business then this could be because you need to focus more on conversion improvements than on getting more and more traffic.

Here are a few excellent ways to increase website conversion rates.


People want to buy from trusted websites. When potential customers come to your website, what they are looking for, whether they realize it or not, is credibility.

Visitors must feel comfortable after they visit your website.

To build trust, your website must answer questions like:

  • What makes your business reputable?
  • Do you have a real address?
  • Is there a phone number to call?
  • Do you provide warranties?
  • Do you possess a large portfolio or work?
  • What do your customers say about you?

Your website must include trust builders. Don’t hide information about your business. It is better to have too much information than too little.

Most people are still wary when buying online. And rightly so, there are tons of scammers online who just want your credit card information. It’s crucial to make sure every potential customer feel they can trust you. Take a look at your competitor’s website to see how they build trust.


A great headline can increase website conversion rate. There is no other web page feature that will have a greater impact on your conversion rate than your headline.

Here is how to come up with the highest converting headlines:

  • Learn from what is working. Look at the most shared headlines on social media.
  • Your headline should focus on benefits not features.
  • Include numbers. “10 Ways to Skyrocket Website Conversion” is a much better headline than “How to Increase Website Conversion.”
  • Include power words such as now, introducing, amazing, sensational, revolutionary, quick, easy, hurry, etc.
  • Keep your headlines under 16 words.
  • Experiment with multiple headlines. Test at least 4-5 headlines before you settle on one.


Most visitors, who leave your website, do so quickly. And without scrolling down to see what your website has to offer. Whatever is shown to viewers at first glance, really needs to captivate them.

Show the most important information above the fold. It will help to convince website visitors that they have arrived at the right website. Simply by tweaking what visitors see first, you can significantly increase the percentage of people who stay on your website.

It is also important to be memorable. A good website has valuable information that will help customers, and in return, they will remember you. Always be better than competing websites. Your text content should be better written. Your images should be of higher quality.

Here is what you can use to capture the interest of website visitors:

  • Have a strong call to action.
  • Use excellent images. Avoid stock photos. Take your own photos for added credibility.
  • Show your phone number.
  • Display a customer testimonial.
  • Include social proof.
  • Include press mentions.
  • Offer live chat.


Nobody wants to miss a good deal.

Creating urgency is an age-old way of making sales. Making customers feel like they might be missing out by not buying from you can be very effective.

Give whatever you’re selling a tag such as ‘’Limited Time Only’’ or ‘’Offer Ends Soon’’. Also give them a clear deadline. It’s essential to give clear instructions on how to purchase.

Users need to have a clear next step in order to funnel them through. You can also sweeten the deal by implementing alluring things like free shipping, etc.

Use the following words in your call to action, to increase urgency:

  • Fast
  • Now
  • Hurry
  • Never
  • Close
  • Quick
  • Seconds
  • Over
  • Instant
  • Again


Probably one of the most popular methods of increasing traffic and conversion rates is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Most people think of SEO as only a tactic to increase website traffic. SEO can also help you improve your website conversion rate.

Optimize your web pages for the keywords people use to search for your product or service. The better you search engine optimize your site the more likely will they stick around.

Your job is to make sure that your website content is relevant to searches, and ensuring your internal pages mapping to that.

For example: if you’re a web designer in San Diego, California. Then you’d want to make sure that you’re using the term ‘’web designer’’ or ‘’website designer’’ in the heading of your pages. You’d also include ‘’San Diego, California’’ so that people in your local area are more likely to find it.

If you don’t have the time or interest to learn SEO, you can easily outsource it. However, if you’d like to learn, there are plenty of free resources out there.


So you’ve attained a customer’s email by having them sign up on your website. How can you efficiently use email marketing to your advantage? Email marketing is one of the most renowned ways of increasing conversions. It definitely takes some thought and good strategy.

If you are using an auto-responder, then make sure it’s relevant and up to date.

The important part is to include a special offer in your email.

If people have signed up to your email list, then they likely have found value in what you offer. Therefore they are more inclined to buy something from you. You don’t have to try to sell people right away. Send them valuable information to build more trust.

It also helps if you offer potential customers something for free; it will instantly prove your worth. Charge a small amount for your first offer, and then increase prices as you go on to offer more valuable items.

Make sure to personalize your emails, always be friendly and seek to build relationships with your clients.


Customer reviews can be the tipping point of converting traffic into sales.

It is stated 90% of people buying online are influenced by customer’s reviews.

Customer feedback can give you a good perspective on what you are doing right, and what you can improve on. You can use things like surveys, feedback boxes or even reach out directly.

Would you want to buy a product without seeing how other people have experienced to it?

Overall customer reviews help you and your prospects. A negative review helps you improve your product or service. A positive review helps you with future sales.


Pricing is a combination between art and science. To set the right price can be tricky.  If you price too high, you can easily lose a potential customer. However, pricing too low can cheapen your brand or bankrupt your business.

Be clear with your pricing. Convey to the customer why your prices are better than others. Offer price comparisons and price matching. As mentioned before, start with something not too expensive, and then work your way up from there.

Remember that shipping is always an additional expense. Make the delivery cost clear from the start. If you offer free shipping, clearly state it. If you offer flat rate shipping, make it clear.

If customers see the cost of shipping at the checkout for the first time, it might just be the thing that deters him from buying altogether.


A great website conversion rate is no accident. Conversion rates can be improved with constant testing of new ideas. The tips above will help you increase your website’s conversion rate.

Hopefully, this article has helped you discover things you haven’t yet considered. Conversion isn’t just about the end result, rather it’s a journey. Each step is just as important as the next. Use the above tactics to improve your website conversion rate. Best of luck on your website optimization endeavors.


photo credit: Elbrus – Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme #1