Optimizing finances doesn’t have to be difficult. There are countless smartphone apps for both Android and iPhone users that can help you manage your personal finances. Here, we’ll discuss seven of them.

1. Flipp

Food, clothes, and other essentials are always a necessity, so if you can find ways to streamline those expenses, so much the better. Flipp is an app that matches you with fliers from local stores to help you plan regular grocery runs and shopping trips.

This app allows you to clip coupons, create your own shopping lists, and compare prices on items you need. Flipp also includes an option to add loyalty cards from popular stores, enabling you to clip coupons directly to your account for quick use.

2. GoodRX

Prescription medications can put quite a strain on your finances. One tool that could help you stay on budget is the GoodRX mobile app. This app provides you with coupons, price comparisons, and tips that are specifically created to help you become savvier about where you shop for your meds.

This can be especially useful since medication prices often vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Knowing where you can find the prescriptions you need at the best prices could help you balance your budget more easily.

3. Paribus

Many companies guarantee their prices and provide refunds if their prices drop. However, finding those refunds can be difficult, and filing for them is often a hassle. The mobile app Paribus makes that process much simpler by tracking your online purchases and then notifying you if a price drops on an item later on.

Not only can this be a useful way to keep track of your online purchases, but it also streamlines the process of filing price adjustment claims. Once you get a notification, a few swipes on your phone is all it takes to file a claim.

4. Xome

Finding the right house can be time-consuming, especially when you’re on a budget. The Xome app can help you with this process by showing you nearby properties for sale.

You can filter searches by area, square footage, price, the property’s current status, and so on. The app also allows you to research neighborhood information on each property, making it a useful planning tool. It’s worth noting that Xome can handle the actual purchase process on homes.

5. Hopper

If you frequently travel (or even just occasionally), you know how expensive plane tickets and hotels can be. You also know that airfares fluctuate depending on the day, month, time, and so forth. As a result, you may find yourself devoting lots of time to scanning prices whenever you’re planning a trip.

The Hopper app changes this by comparing billions of flights each day and predicting future changes. It then notifies you of the best time to make your reservations. It’s a highly valuable tool for budget-conscious travelers.

6. Debt Payoff Planner

A key aspect of personal finance is debt management, especially if you have multiple monthly payments to make. Tracking debt payments can be difficult. Why not use an app to help you pay off your debts?

Debt Payoff Planner provides a simple way to track these obligations and construct a plan to tackle them. Just enter your debts and budget into the app, and it will calculate an optimized payment plan for you.

7. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is a mobile app that makes it easy to create a virtual envelope budget and track your spending. Simply create envelopes for each area of your budget (food, clothes, entertainment, etc.) and enter each transaction whenever you make a purchase. Your budget can also be shared with family or friends, adding a level of accountability that could go a long way.


Each of these apps has something to offer for those working to optimize their financial situation. When used in tandem, they can help you create a personal finance plan and stick to it.