Do you know the benefits you can get if you make drawing and sketching as your hobby? Maybe you think, drawing is good only for artists for for art enthusiast. Drawing is for everyone. Drawing is an art. You can draw when bored or have nothing else to do.

Today, I will give you an idea about the benefits you can get if you make “drawing and sketching” a part of your life. Imagine, spending 30 minutes per day in drawing, do you think it’s just a waste of time? Absolutely not. It’s actually worth it if you spend time for it.

When you start drawing, you feel like you can’t do it. But, suddenly you are creating your own masterpiece. Just a simple tips. Do not allow other people to stop you from drawing. If they say your drawing is “bad”, they are lying. Art has no limit. Art will help you express what’s on your mind.

Always think that drawing is an art, therefore all “drawings” are beautiful. Unless you also don’t know how to appreciate art.

Drawing Can Relieve Tension and Stress

They say a simple smile can relieve “stress”. Drawing can also help you reduce stress. When you are stressed or even when you’re in a tough times, simply get a piece of paper, a pen and draw something you really like.

Draw an object or things that can make you smile. Maybe a funny faces, cats, cute birds, a simple flowers, a lovely animals or a joyful fish and even humans or your favorite cartoon character. Anything you want. Believe me, through drawings you can relieve your stress easily.

Drawing Can Help You Get Relaxed

Why I said that drawing can help you relax? There are drawings that can help you think as if you’re in a beautiful place. When you see such type of drawings, your mind will get relaxed because you can easily imagine that you’re in that places.

Start drawing a beautiful scenery like seascape, landscape, cities, a interior of your favorite room. When you sketch a scenery, your mind will think your favorite places or a memorable places. That way, you will get relaxed.

Drawing and Sketching in the Law of Attraction

I really believe in the law of attraction. What you see is what you get. What you always say and hear is always what you get. If you will use drawing in the law of attraction, you will get positive results.

Do you want a car? Then draw a car. Do you want a elegant house for your family. Then start sketching your dream house. What about dreaming a happy and rich family? Then, draw a happy family. Always remember, you should be careful on what you draw, if you draw houses and cars, then you will soon get houses and cars. Think the things you always dreaming of. Simply draw things and suddenly those drawing of things will turn into a real thing.

What jobs can you do with drawing?

Other benefits you can get when you make drawing and sketching a part of your hobby. You will soon realize that you will easily align your skills in the right career.

If you love to draw, your chances of becoming a fine artist or an architect is very high. In career planning, the only things that you should remember are “skills, interest and enjoyment”.

  • Skills: You will become the best person in your field if you are expert. Skills is very important in career planning.
  • Interest: Even if you are skillful and knowledgeable in your chosen field, you will only become successful if you have a passion for it, that means your career should be depending in your hobbies and interests.
  • Enjoyment: What’s the sense of being an expert if you are not happy on what you’re doing? Happy people are successful people. Make sure you are happy in your preferred career.

So, decide now whether you will make the “drawing” a career or just a hobby. It’s up to you.

How to make money with drawing and sketching?

There are many people who are making money through art. There is a stage play, sculptures, composing music, painting, designing, etc. When it comes to drawing, most students will surely ask how can they make money through “drawing”.

  • Make money by drawing a portrait. You can ask your friends, relatives or co-workers for your services. If you know how to create a portrait drawing, you can easily make money.
  • You can also earn a living if you’re get hired as a cartoonist in a big publishing company like newspapers or magazines.
  • Other people earn money through drawing and sketching via online. They sell their drawings on Fiverr. They ask other people to create a logo for them, to draw a portrait for them, etc.

You can also become popular when you created an extraordinary art. If your drawings has a great message to the human being or to the world, and you will share in social media, that drawing will surely become viral and soon your drawing will start getting attention to television, newspapers, magazines and sometimes people will make your drawing as their car stickers.