Learn about the Pressure Levels of Electric Pressure Washers

No matter what type of high-pressure washer machines you purchase, it is important to know how the pressure levels of the machine affect the cleaning efficiency for each job.

Importance of Output Pressure

Pressure levels are expressed in pounds per square inch (psi). The higher the pressure level, the greater the output power and cleaning efficiency of the machine will be.

At present, one can find both stationary and mobile pressure washers with pressure levels ranging from 500 psi to 8000 psi. Water pressure washers with low-pressure levels can be used for light cleaning applications and cleaning of delicate surfaces, while machines with higher pressure levels are used for heavy-duty commercial cleaning and industrial degreasing applications.

One has to select a suitable pressure level based on the nature of the cleaning job and the surface. For example, a 1500 psi electric pressure washer is suitable for auto detailing. Mobile pressure washers are also a good choice for those who need mobility for different cleaning applications.

Factors That Influence Pressure Level

The power of the motor (in the case of electric pressure washers) or the power of the engine (in the case of diesel, gas, and propane pressure washers) is one factor that determines the output pressure. The higher the power rating, the higher the pressure levels will be.

Flow rate is another important factor to consider, often going hand-in-hand with the machine’s pressure level. Flow rate is the quantity of water that flows through the output of a pressure washer in one minute. This is measures in gallons per minute (GPM). For water pressure washers, generally, the higher the flow rate, the higher the pressure level. Though, systems with low flow rates (as low as 0.5 GPM) and moderate pressure levels are available for applications where water availability or drainage is limited.

Hot Pressure Washers – Unbeatable Cleaning Force

Pressure washers are technologically advanced, powerful cleaning machines capable of eliminating tough deposits and greasy residues by ejecting water under high pressure. With the astounding range of power cleaners available today, you can easily choose the right version for your cleaning requirements in industrial or commercial settings.

Depending on the temperature options offered, pressure washers can be classified into steam pressure washer machines, hot water pressure cleaner systems, and cold water pressure cleaners. However, there is also another class called tri-mode pressure washers. These power cleaners can independently perform the functions of all three machines.

A hot pressure washer is great for tackling heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing jobs. With the powerful combination of hot water and high pressure levels, these pressure washers work extremely well in dissolving oil, grime, and stains from a variety of surfaces. This is why hot pressure washer machines are widely used in food processing plants that often feature large amounts of greasy and oily deposits. While cold water will solidify fat deposits into clumps that can stubbornly cling onto surfaces, the super-hot water ejected by a hot pressure washer will quickly dissolve and clean off greasy residue.

Steam pressure washer machines take cleaning to a new level. By ejecting steam at unbelievably high temperatures up to 330°F, steam cleaning equipment offers the most powerful, efficient, reliable and user-friendly option to eliminate all types of oily stains, dirt buildup and grime. Most importantly, steam pressure washer machines offer all this cleaning action without using cleaning chemicals or detergents. However, if additional cleaning power is needed, green cleaning chemicals are recommended.

Coldwater pressure washers work well for light-duty cleaning tasks. However, for challenging cleaning tasks, look no further than heated power cleaners.

Pressure Levels and Cleaning Power – Here’s How They Are Connected

A pressure washer can be described as an advanced cleaning machine that ejects water at high pressure levels to attain unbelievable cleaning results. Because of this, pressure levels are one of the most important features to consider when choosing pressure cleaners.

The different versions of pressure washer machines available from reputable distributors feature various pressure levels to cater to a range of cleaning tasks in industrial and commercial settings. While the 1500 psi electric power washers feature pressure levels of 1500 psi, there are other heavy-duty versions of pressure washer available with pressure levels of up to 8000 psi.

Ultimately, the pressure level you require depends on the applications you face. Reputable suppliers offer 1500 psi electric power washers. These moderate pressure levels are ideal for auto detailing, where higher pressure levels may damage painted automotive surfaces. Two thousand psi power washer machines are also available for more demanding commercial and industrial applications.

These machines, plus those at other pressure level ratings, feature tri-mode capabilities with cold water, hot water, and steam temperatures. Steam is important for degreasing, as it helps break down dirt and grease on the surface. In fact, a combination of high steam temperatures up to 330°F and pressure levels up to 3500 psi are ideal for heavy-duty degreasing applications.

When purchasing a pressure washer, it is important to choose machines from reputable suppliers. Whether you are looking for a 2000 psi power washer for cleaning machinery, a 1500 psi electric pressure washers for fleet maintenance, or a high-powered steam pressure cleaner with pressure levels of 3500 psi, purchase from reputable suppliers that retail high-quality machines. Purchasing a pressure washer with quality parts will help your machine last longer and effectively get the job done.

Advanced Power Washers for Cleaning Airplanes

Maintaining airplanes is no easy task. This is primarily because airplanes accumulate a large amount of dirt, grease, and grime during flight. The longer the dirt sits on the plane, the more difficult it is to eliminate. However, elimination of these residues is essential for the proper functioning of the plane. To simplify this cleaning operation so that maintenance can be performed regularly without compromising results, check out advanced power washers, such as jet fuel pressure washers.

Manually cleaning a plane seems an almost impossible task. They are exposed to a wide variety of elements that can be very difficult to remove, given their large stature. For fast and effective cleaning of an airplane, consider powerful jet fuel powered pressure washers. With pressure levels from 3000-3500 psi, these power washers have enough power to blast away dirt and grime from the plane and leave it clean and looking new.

While many commercial and industrial users opt for 1000 to 2000 psi electric power washers for many cleaning applications, these low-pressure levels will not offer the extreme cleaning power needed for challenging airplane maintenance applications. Two thousand psi electric power washers may be used for airport maintenance applications. However, a more powerful machine should be selected for removing grease and other residues from airplanes.

Jet fuel pressure washers offer several benefits when used for airplane maintenance. First and foremost, jet fuel is a readily available fuel source. Thus convenience is enhanced. Leading suppliers offer commercial and industrial versions of jet fuel pressure washers that can be powered by JP5 or JP8 jet fuel types. Second, jet fuel-powered and heated power washers can be used in cold water, hot water, and steam modes for applications with varying degrees of difficulty.

Another important consideration is durability. High-grade power washers offered by reputable distributors are ruggedly constructed with the best-quality components, making them capable of exceptional cleaning capabilities even under the most demanding conditions.

Advanced Steam Cleaners for Superior Auto Detailing

The most popular machines for auto detailing include pressure washers for the vehicle’s body and carpet extractors for the vehicle’s interior carpet and upholstery. However, one largely overlooked auto detailing machine is the steam cleaner. These machines are versatile enough to be used on a wide variety of surfaces within the vehicle: windows, windshields, dashes, door jambs, wheels, and more. A steam cleaning machine can even be used to spot clean automotive carpets.

Advanced vapor steam cleaners from reputable suppliers feature high-temperature steam cleaning technology to simplify and enhance auto detailing. Using temperatures up to 360°F, steam cleaners can soften hardened residues like dirt, grease, salt, and other deposits from surfaces on the interior and exterior of a vehicle. A vapor steam cleaner with added vacuum extraction speeds the cleaning process for auto detailers by simultaneously extracting dirty residues while cleaning.

Another key feature of industrial steam cleaners is high steam density. High-quality machines from top suppliers utilize vapor steam with 200% greater steam density than cheaper models.

One of the greatest benefits of using an industrial steam cleaner for auto detailing is the cleaning power. Using high temperatures reduces the need for harmful chemicals often associated with auto detailing. To increase the power of these steam cleaner machines, consider green chemicals.