Before we get into how Scentsy wax lasts, let me explain what a Scentsy bar is, just in case you aren’t sure.

What is a Scentsy Bar?

A Scentsy Bar is a wax melt. This fragrant wax is poured into a container and sold in 3.2 oz. bars, often as a pack of three or four. It is a wickless candle wax bar, made to melt at low temperature. The Scentsy Bar is designed for Scentsy wax warmers. Each bar contains eight cube segments. The Scentsy Bar is low-temperature safe for children and pets. And unlike wick-type flame candles, Scentsy Bars don’t produce soot.

A Scentsy wax bar can last up to 60 hours. But, how long a Scentsy wax bar lasts depends on multiple factors.

The following factors will influence the longevity of the Scentsy wax fragrance:

  • The location of the Scentsy wax warmer in your home
  • The strength of the fragrance
  • The humidity inside your house
  • Also, the year’s season can affect how long the wax will last.

How long does a Scentsy wax last?

How long the Scentsy wax cube lasts depends on the person. For example, some customers claim that they can no longer smell the fragrance after a few hours of use. Perhaps, this can be explained by the “nose blindness” phenomenon.

Nose blindness is also called olfactory fatigue. But, both terms refer to the loss of sensitivity to certain odors. So, it might be impossible for some people to distinguish the fragrance of a Scentsy wax after a certain period.

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How long do Scentsy bars last in terms of scent?

Scentsy Bar scent time depends on several factors. Some of which will make the fragrance last longer, and others will shorten its fragrance.

What will shorten the fragrance of a Scentsy Bar?

  • Humidity
  • High ceilings
  • Dirty Scentsy dish warmer
  • Using the same fragrance for extended periods could result in natural anosmia. Therefore, it helps to alternate scents periodically.

What will make the Scentsy Bar fragrance last longer?

  • The strength of the fragrance scents you buy
  • A clean Scentsy dish warmer will help you get the most out of your Scentsy Bar
  • The kind of wax warmer you are using

How long does a wax melt last?

How long a wax melt lasts depends on the size, quality, wax warmer temperature. But, in general, you can expect a single wax cube to last somewhere between 6 and 12 hours. And, some wax melts last even longer. Therefore, one set with six cubes will last for up to 60 hours, giving you up to two weeks’ worth of fragrance for your house.

However, how long your wax melt continues to work depends on how long you have the wax melt burning every day. If you only burn the wax for a couple of hours each day, it will still produce a pleasant smell in your home. However, a couple of hours a day is long enough to produce a nice aroma in your home as the fragrance lingers once you turn off the burner. Using your wax warmer for shorter periods will make one wax bar melt pack last even longer.

Some people prefer to have wax melts burning all day. But, it isn’t really necessary to keep your wax warmer all day. It really depends on what you want. If you want your wax melts lit for hours each day, that will be fine also.

How long a wax bar lasts is down to a personal choice. You can be as frugal or generous as you like. The only thing that matters is you enjoy the fragrance a wax melt dispenses.

How to make Scentsy wax last longer?

Keep your Scentsy dish clean to make it last longer

In just a few short minutes, you can have a longer-lasting Scentsy Bar. Before you throw in a new cube, clean the old wax from your wax warmer.

Cleaning your wax warmer is a great way to maximize the smells of a Scentsy Bar. When you clean the wax warmer, you get rid of the heavy oil molecules and the sticky film that builds up over time.

With a clean Scentsy Warmer, you can rest assured that you get the most out of your Scentsy Bars. A clean wax warmer not only works better (positively affects the scent quality and throw), but it also looks better.

To make your Scentsy wax last longer, turn it off while cooking

You don’t want the delicate scent of your Scentsy Bar to compete with the delicious smell of garlic sauce in your kitchen. It’s best to turn off the wax warmer when you are cooking. Then, after you open the windows to get the food smells out,, turn your wax warmer back on.

Use a timer to make Scentsy wax last longer

You can buy yourself a timer or use the one on your phone. Set the timer to remind you to start and end the wax melting. With the timer, you can maximize the scent by controlling when and for how long it’s releasing the fragrance.

Scentsy Warmers can melt the wax and release the aroma in as little as 30 minutes. You can set your timer to 30 or 60 minutes to signal when it’s time to shut off, as you won’t need it to melt any longer until the fragrance disappears.

A timer can help you automate starting your wax warmer. For example, you can set it to start 20 minutes before you get home from work (i.e., set for 6:30 pm). This allows you to walk into an amazing-smelling home without wasting any of your Scentsy Bar during the day while you are away.

Does Scentsy wax expire?

If stored in a cool, dark, and dry place, Scentsy wax doesn’t really expire. However, it does have a shelf life of about one year. Try not to store Scentst Bars in places that get hot such as garages or cars.

How long do soy melts last in storage?

Soy melts last for about 2 years in storage. To ensure soy melts last for two years, you need to store them properly. Store them at room temperature and make sure they stay clean.

Why are my wax melts not lasting long?

If you want to save money, you should think about how to keep your wax last longer. So, let’s go over why your wax melts not last long.

How do you make wax melts last longer?

To make wax melts last long only use them for short periods. Only heat wax slowly, and always keep your wax warmer clean. Use wax melts with the right scented oils, alternate scents, only use wax when you need it, and don’t use the wax warmer while you are cooking. 

Why won’t my wax melts smell strong?

If the wax smell isn’t strong enough, you may need to replace, upgrade, or clean your wax burner. Unfortunately, after a while, wax burners seem to lose their effectiveness.

The truth is that your wax burner can have a considerable impact on your experience. If you’re using a low-wattage electric bulb burner, it will produce less scent throw. A 35 to 40-watt bulb will produce a good result.

If you have your wax burner in a larger room, it may not produce a strong enough fragrance for you. Also, if you don’t place enough wax in your heater, it may not result in a good scent throw.

Fragrance oils have a significant role in the potency of the smell. If you use a subtle type of oil in a low heated burner, you might not get a strong fragrance.

How do you make wax cubes smell stronger?

How long do unused wax melts last?

Unused wax melts should last you at least 12-months. But not all wax lasts for the same amount of time. For example, mass-produced wax is generally made to have a longer shelf life than homemade wax.