Anyone who washed a car understands how quickly birds can make a mess of your hard work. Unfortunately, birds pooping on cars is a fact of life. But the question is, “How to keep birds from pooping on your car?”

You can keep birds from pooping on your car by not parking it under trees or near buildings. Birds pooping on your car can be pure coincidence; your car is parked at the wrong place at the wrong time. But, according to some, red cars attract the most bird poop.

We’ve all been there before. You park your shiny car only to return a car covered in bird droppings. Even if you aren’t a clean freak, a car covered in bird poop is annoying. Beyond being a nuisance, bird poop can also damage the exterior of your car.

What can we do to keep our feathery friends from pooping all over our beloved vehicles? Some people think that birds especially target their cars. While others think that birds poop on their cars because of their color.

How to keep birds from pooping on your car?

The best way to keep birds from pooping on your car is never to park under trees, use deterrents (repellent spray and electronic bird repellent) to keep birds away and park your car in a garage.

Why do some cars seem to attract more poop than others?

Cars parked under trees will attract more poop than others. It’s that simple. Birds like to hang out on trees. If you park under a tree, you are asking for it.

If you park your car with a lot of bird activity, like the beach. Your car might be ready for a wash when you return. So, where you park your car has more to do with attracting bird poop than anything else.

Are some cars more likely to be pooped on than others?

Red cars and cars under trees are more likely to be pooped on than others. And loud cars could be crapped on more than others. Loud cars could scare birds, resulting in a surprise gift from above.

You can stop birds from pooping on your car. This article will explain how to do this. Continue reading to learn more.

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Why do birds always poop on my car?

Birds don’t poop on your car to make you angry. Let’s first find out why our feathered friends release their wastes onto your car before we discuss how to stop them. This is why birds will leave open areas and then decide to poop in cars. Is this a mistake?

There are many reasons birds might choose to poop on cars. Let’s dig deeper.

Birds are more likely to poop on certain color cars

According to a study, birds are more attracted to certain colors. Red is that color. If your car has a red paint job, you won’t be surprised if there is more bird poop than other cars.

The question is:

Are such claims that red cars get pooped on more often than birds valid?

Here is a breakdown of the study by a U.S. based automobile accessories dealer.

2,000 cars were included in the study. Researchers wanted to determine whether bird poop on cars is related to color. Five cities were included in the study. These cars include those from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, and San Diego.

Surprisingly, researchers found that red cars were the most prone to bird poop. According to the study, 19% of red cars got pooped on.

Do birds like to poop or red cars only?

Next up is the blue car. The study found that 15% of the blue cars had bird poop. Next came 12 percent of the black cars, and then 7%.

The researchers were shocked to discover that cars with green colors produced the most bird poop.

An important tip: If you park your car where birds roost you will most likely have it decorated in poop. It doesn’t matter what color your car is. If your car is parked under a tree, it will likely be sprayed with poop.

What is the attraction of birds to my car?

Birds are different from humans. Birds are different and have unique behaviors. It would be difficult to pinpoint why birds choose a car over another. These are just a few reasons birds might be attracted by your car.

According to Michigan based car dealer, birds are attracted to cars with red color. If your car is adorned in this color, you can expect birds to poop more often.

Birds poop on your car if you park it at the wrong place

There are areas it’s almost like asking birds to poop on your car. Birds love trees. Birds often rest on trees before continuing their journeys.

A tree is a great place to park your car as it helps keep the elements away. But trees cannot guarantee that your car will be protected from bird poop. If your car was parked under a tree, don’t be upset if there is bird poop.

Your car could be parked underneath the nest to make it worse. This position would allow for multiple birds to poop on your car, including young and old.

Do birds poop on the shiny exterior of your car?

Can the car’s exterior attract birds? It can. It could be attractive to birds if your car has a shiny exterior.

Birds are more likely to poop on your car in certain areas

Birds are more likely to poop on your car in some areas. So, it’s important to consider where you park your car. Birds may perch on your car more often if it is under a tree. Even though they are next to trees, birds find it more comfortable to rest on roofs of cars.

Handy tip: Bird droppings should be removed from your vehicle as soon as possible. Do not waste time. Their droppings increase uric acid. For the record, the pH level of bird droppings ranges between 3 and 4.5 (highly acidic).

Uric acidic can be very acidic. It can cause damage to your car’s paint and wax. It is best to remove bird droppings immediately.

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How to keep birds pooping on your car?

ere’s the fun part. How can you stop birds pooping on your car? It is well-known that bird poo can cause damage to a car’s paint. You also know that repairing these damages can be very expensive and time-consuming.

We have ten ways that birds can’t release their droppings onto your car. There is no one best technique. Keep trying different techniques until you find the best one for your birds.

Protect your side mirrors from bird poop

You should protect your car’s mirrors from bird poop. Are you noticing scratches in your side mirrors lately. It could be birds scratching your mirrors, not your children. They might think they are fighting a male intruder but it is just a reflection.

Birds love to poo on mirrors. If you park your car for long periods of time, make sure to cover them. A sock or plastic bag can be used, as well as cardboard.

Avoid bird poop by not parking near buildings’ edges

Many people love to park their cars close to the buildings. If you are one of these people, please stop parking your car near the edge of buildings. Birds may poop on your vehicle while you’re standing. It is possible for birds to poop on your car while they are flying.

Scare birds to keep them from pooping on your car

Birds are preyed upon by snakes. Let’s try the same trick to fool the birds and keep them from climbing on our cars. Place a rubber snake on the roof of your car. Two rubber snakes are possible; one can be placed on the roof, the other on the bumper.

Be sure to remove the rubber snake from your car before you get on the road. This will not be a good idea as it could cause a flurry of accidents for other road users.

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To avoid bird poop never park under trees

Birds love to congregate on trees. Avoid parking your car there. It doesn’t really matter how big or small the tree is. Don’t forget to lock your car.

Hang CDs where you park your car

This is the time to get rid of those old CDs. Hanging many CDs above your car can scare away birds if you find bird poop in your vehicle.

It’s simple. The CDs can be attached to a fishing line. Tie the line around the place where your car is normally parked. The reflective surfaces of the CDs will repel birds.

Make sure your car insurance covers damage from bird droppings

Birds don’t find car covers attractive. This will be your advantage. This will mean that you won’t have to worry about how to get bird poop out of your car. The cover will also protect your vehicle against the elements.

Don’t park under electric wires and light posts

Birds love to be near electric wires and light poles. This can make it a problem if your car is parked in such areas. Avoid parking near electric wires and light poles. This will reduce the chances of birds dropping on your car.

Birds are more likely to poop on red cars

According to a recent study, feathered creatures are most attracted to crimson cars. It doesn’t matter if you agree with their points or not. When buying a car, think about the color you choose. If you live in an area that is home to many birds, this advice may be helpful.

Reduce bird poop with a bird repellent on your car

Mount a visual deterrent to your vehicle to stop birds from using it as a place of rest. You can use replicas of animals birds fear to deter them from using your car as a resting place. These include the Owl, Coyote and Fox. These can be purchased online and placed in your car immediately.

Reduce bird poop with an ultrasonic bird deterrent

You can prevent birds from landing on your car or resting there by purchasing a device that emits ultrasonic vibration. This should do the trick.

What attracts birds to poop on cars?

The color red attracts birds to poop on card. According to research, bright red cars attract more bird droppings that vehicles of other colors.

The frequency with which birds leave their marks on vehicles in multiple cities was recorded by a study. It found that red cars were the most frequently targeted.

In the analysis of 2000 cars from several U.S. cities over a 30-day period, white cars suffered the least number of bird poop attacks.

Drivers were also asked to rate how fast they cleaned up bird droppings from their cars during the study. More than 16 percent, said that they removed bird droppings as soon as they saw them. Twenty percent claimed to have cleaned the bird poop within two days, while 60 percent waited until the next car wash. The remaining car owners never washed cars.

Insurance industry figures reveal that bird droppings can cause damage to vehicles. They estimate that close to $60 million per year is spent on unnecessary repairs due to bird-poop-stained painting.

Frank Davidson, a car detail business owner, said that “this research is an eye opener. Bird poop and the damage it causes is a huge problem. It is annoying drivers and causes damage to paintwork. It also affects vehicle value. Bird droppings must be removed from your car as soon as possible to protect the bodywork.

There are many theories about why birds are attracted more to certain cars than others, according to motoring websites and social networking sites. According to a Toyota driver, newly polished cars are more attractive to birds than their original counterparts. A Honda Civic owner said that the darker the color, the more violent the reaction. It all depends on where you park, according to an Kia owner. A Nissan Sentra driver stated that blue is the most dangerous color because it reminds birds of water.

Some believed that birds saw red as danger, or they chose similar colors to their plumage. For example, in cities, pigeons choose grey, while seagulls opt for white cars.

According to a 2021 study, there was little difference in the colors specific bird species seem to want between cities and the coast.

The results of the research showed that 19% of red cars had droppings. Blue cars had 15%, black cars had 12 percent, and white cars had 7 percent. Grey and silver was 33%, and green 1%.

A leading car detail company, said that the problem with vehicle paintwork was not caused by acid or alkali found in bird droppings. Instead, it was due to paint lacquer expanding and softening around the dropping. This created a dull patch. The most severe blemishes were caused by the grainier textures of seed-eating birds, so pigeons are more dangerous than seagulls.

The company stated that car owners can prevent bird dropping damage by removing bird poop as soon and as possible.

Car color is less relevant than where you park your car. We know that certain colours can attract birds, it is more about where you park. If you park near birds’ nests, you will get more droppings.

Information on how to remove bird poop from your vehicle

  • Clean bird poop sooner than later
  • To gently lift the deposits from the vehicle’s surface, use a moist cloth.
  • To soften bird droppings that are dry or don’t lift easily, you can place a moist cloth on top of them for ten minutes.
  • Discard any cloth or wipe that was used to remove bird droppings and wash your hands with soapy water. Bird droppings can transmit diseases.

What to do if birds poop on your car?

If a bird poops on your car, it’s important to wipe it off immediately. Wipe off the droppings without delay, don’t waste any time. Bird droppings can damage car paint.

Bird poop is high in uric acid. Its three or above pH level makes bird droppings as acidic as lemon juice. Due to its high acidity, bird poop can corrode and etch into your vehicle’s paint job.

Due to high acidity levels, uric acid can destroy your car’s wax, including its paint. So, the smartest thing is to wipe bird droppings without delay.

Final thoughts on how to keep birds pooping on your car

How can I stop birds from pooping in my car? We are sure this question has been on your mind for a while. We have provided several methods to achieve this without having to work too hard.

It is okay to have birds around. Their byproduct, droppings, is the problem. It can cause damage to the paint and wax of cars. You should also remember to immediately clean up any bird droppings that you find on your vehicle. It can cause paint damage if it is left on the car.