Online marketing has diversified over the last few years. It all happened fast!

Every year we see changes in online marketing. This year has been no exception. We have noticed massive online marketing changes already, compared to last year.

Mainly this is due to the exploding popularity of social media and mobile web usage. Online marketing now must focus on mobile users more than ever.

The majority of online marketers are seeking new ways to connect with their customers – with new ideas tested every day.

Now let’s look at the top 7 online marketing trends for this year.

#7 – Marketing online with Apps

The increase in smartphone usage has caused a surging trend for consumers downloading apps (even running a blog can be done by an app).

Companies like Google have also taken advantage of this popularity, as they have:

  • Released an app called ‘app streaming’.
  • Incorporated ‘mobile friendliness’ as part of SEO strategy.
  • Explored further with technology for smartphone users.

A survey conducted this year found over 86% of consumers spend more time on apps than they do on the Internet.

For getting your target audience’s attention, apps are definitely the better way to go forward this year.

#6 – Create Personalization

It’s not surprising that websites have to push boundaries further, in order to get everyone’s attention – the web is overwhelmed with new content published every day.

One step marketers have turned to, is giving their customers a sense of personalization, which can be found in the following forms (if not much more).

  • Recommendations being individualized from repeat visits.
  • Content available in several forms such as text, image, audio, and video.
  • Individual email marketing per sign-up, rather than duplicated messages.

Personalized content encourages repeat visitors and customer loyalty.

Tip – It has become impossible to succeed online, without a content marketing plan in place.

#5 – Wider Range of Advertising Options

This year alone has seen record numbers in this sector, especially if you are comparing to previous years…

Ads are offering more options than ever, and we have also seen the new birth of ‘attention metrics’ – this enhances the user’s engagement with a video (a technique involving the ability to measure the video quality to that user)

The speed in technology improvement and demand from bloggers, definitely shows this to be a big hot trend this year.

#4 – Greater Integration

There is a greater need for integrating marketing channels. Instead of looking at different marketing tactics separately, we need to focus on integration. Current technology helps us track multiple marketing channels and strategies in one.

#3 – Mobile and Wearable Marketing

Facebook and Google have both switched to prioritizing over mobile-optimized layouts.

Not to mention the release of wearable devices like FitBit and smart watches.

Many organizations and businesses have followed the marketing trends for handheld experiences; with advertising opportunities, apps, and localized SEO.

#2 – Purchase Points

This is a new opportunity for marketers to reach higher conversions – Google shopping has definitely monopolized in this area, especially with allowing smaller businesses to use ‘in-app checkout’ and ‘in-app shopping’.

#1 – Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is when you are using multiple channels to market your business. This is also true for online marketing.

Multi-channel website marketing channels include:

Multi-channel marketing is important to improve your marketing results. It simply gives you more opportunities to reach out to customers.


photo credit: Biblioteca de Turismo y Finanzas