Chewing gum removal is one of the toughest tasks to deal with. By taking a quick glance around sidewalks, parking lots, and buildings, you may see gum wads as old as 20 years. Unfortunately, chewing gum is discarded carelessly in most public places, resulting in sticky and unsightly deposits.

For effective chewing gum removal, you may be considering different methods. Manual scraping is the most common, but it is certainly not the most effective or efficient. In this case, workers spend hours manually scraping away hardened deposits at a slow rate. The only true way to rapidly remove chewing gum is with a gum-removing steam cleaner capable of simultaneously melting chewing gum wads and extracting the residues.

There are many reasons why chewing gum removal equipment is much more effective than other methods. Manually scraping often cannot remove the gum wad completely, leaving behind residues. It also takes a lot of time and energy to remove many gum stains at a time. Using gum removal machines will get rid of gum deposits quickly and completely. By using the cleaning power of steam, hardened gum deposits are easily loosened. The addition of a solution for the removal of gum further dissolves even the oldest gum wads. The use of a stainless steel brush works to agitate remaining stubborn gum deposits. The vacuum extraction capabilities of these units make the process complete and easy by extracting all gum residues.

Some chewing gum removal methods may also involve scraping and the use of chemicals. In many cases, these chemicals may be toxic and can leave behind harmful residue. They may even damage the surface that needs to be cleaned. The best gum removal equipment relies on steam cleaning power and biodegradable cleaning solutions that will not corrode the surface or harm the user.

Key Gum Removal Technologies for Use in Schools

Chewing gum removal usually involves stressful cleaning of a variety of areas. Educational facilities, ranging from daycares to college universities, require regular cleaning and maintenance of buildings, corridors, gyms, locker rooms, classrooms, labs, and other areas. With each school catering to a large number of people, it is not surprising there are large amounts of sticky, stubborn gum stuck to hard surfaces like sidewalks, fences, and walls.

Whether you run a sidewalk gum removal company or cleaning service, effective cleaning is the key to a successful gum removal business. Purchasing the right chewing gum removal equipment is critical. A good gum removal machine can make the difference between profit and loss for your business, so consider the following tips when making your purchase.

Most chewing gum removal machines use a steam cleaner as the primary method of cleaning. Water usage and refilling, therefore, influence productivity. Consider whether your work environment will have a water source for the boiler. If not, figure out the tank capacity your machine needs.

Units allowing continuous refilling of the tank are better than others that require you to wait for the boiler to depressurize in order for you to refill. Then, you will have to wait another 20 minutes for the boiler to steam up again, wasting precious cleaning time. Continuous refill technology provides for quicker chewing gum removing abilities by allowing refilling during operation, enabling you to do a lot more work in much less time.

If a water supply is available, consider a chewing gum removal machine that has a direct water feed. This automates water refilling through a hose whenever levels get too low. Some direct water feed models also allow continuous refill for instances when a hose or a water supply is not available.

Effective Chewing Gum Removal in Colleges and Universities

If you are running a gum removal service or cleaning company, then you most likely know that chewing gum removal is one of the most difficult cleaning tasks. However, removing gum is necessary to maintain a clean and welcoming environment. Dirty, sticky floors, walls, and furniture can turn off potential customers, students, and parents.

Colleges and universities provide a number of possibilities to students, making these facilities beneficial to the future of our nation. They provide a welcoming environment in which to expand one’s capabilities. However, the large number of students on campus can result in thousands of pieces of ugly, ground-in gum wads to eliminate. Lack of removal can deter potential students and their parents, and even existing students. As such, acquiring the right chewing gum removal equipment is vital for colleges and universities. Many schools may opt to invest in gum sidewalk cleaning services, providing a lucrative business opportunity to cleaning professionals. To capture this business, a cleaning professional must opt for the right tools.

A good machine removes gum efficiently and minimizes the materials needed, labor costs, and service-time. This allows you to maximize productivity, thereby maximizing revenue and profit. When buying a gum removing machine, use these questions to evaluate whether you are making the best choice.

Does the machine you are planning to buy:

  • Support continuous refill? Have a direct water feed option? These features greatly enhance versatility and reduce work time.
  • Attain high temperatures of up to 329°F? High temperatures combined with 96 psi or higher pressure levels create the ideal settings to make the chewing gum removal process more efficient.
  • Have a removable heating rod? Removable heating rods allow you to replace one part of the machine in the event of boiler failure. This helps to keep down maintenance costs.
  • Minimize water consumption? This increases productivity through fewer refill cycles and makes the unit eco-friendly because of lesser water usage.
  • Feature highly useful innovations like anti-bacterial technology and built-in HEPA filters? These technologies are great additional features to have. They promote a healthier environment free of allergens, dirt, germs, and bacteria.

These attributes can greatly increase efficiency and profits for your chewing gum removal business and make environments cleaner and safer in colleges and universities. If the system you are considering has them, you can be sure it is among the best on the market.

Tough Chewing Gum Removal Applications: Shopping Malls

Malls attract huge crowds on a daily basis, many of which enjoy chewing gum while they shop. This leaves mall maintenance professionals to battle with ugly chewing gum wads on previously spotless surfaces. Because malls require chewing gum removal on a daily basis, many of them prefer to invest in their own gum removal equipment.

Some malls outsource chewing gum removal tasks to professionals, though this can become highly expensive in time. While this is an ideal reason for shopping malls to purchase their own gum remover equipment, it makes removing gum in shopping malls a lucrative business opportunity for professional cleaning services. With the right chewing gum removal equipment, you can effectively clean a number of places, rapidly removing chewing gum.

Since chewing gum removal may not be your primary business, it is recommended that you invest in a versatile gum removal machine. These gum steam cleaners can also handle other steam cleaning tasks. Machines equipped with anti-bacterial technologies can effectively remove more than 99 percent of germs and bacteria. The addition of HEPA filters also help trap pollutants in the air and will not allow them to be released back into the environment.

With these machines, you can clean concrete, tile, granite, and other non-porous hard surfaces. They can remove gum from storefronts, lobbies, walkways, and even dustbins. Use them for cleaning window display glass and floors. These machines feature pressure levels varying from 75 psi to 120 psi, which is safe for most hard surfaces, including painted and varnished ones. They can reach astounding temperature levels as high as 329°F.

The powerful combination of steam temperatures, gum cleaning capabilities, anti-bacterial technology, and HEPA filtration enables operators to improve indoor air quality, enhance the health and safety of mall shoppers, and remove unsightly gum residues.