If you’ve ever given a squirrel some raisins, you might have noticed that it does not eat them in the same way you would eat them — that is, one at a time, with your hands and using your mouth.

Instead, squirrels tend to eat them in one of two ways — they either cache the raisins somewhere, or they bury them in piles of mulch and forest duff. But, the question is: “Can squirrels eat raisins?”

How much raisins can squirrels eat? What kind of raisins can squirrels eat? How often can squirrels eat? This article explores these questions and more!

Can squirrels eat raisins?

Squirrels are a lot like humans when it comes to eating. They will try everything that’s put in front of them and they absolutely love nuts and berries. When you go looking for squirrel food, you might think it would be nuts.

After all, squirrels are generally considered to be tree-dwelling rodents; many people don’t realize they’re also herbivores who consume mostly fruits and vegetables. But can squirrels eat raisins? Let’s take a look at why raisins might not be suitable squirrel food: sugar levels…

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How much raisins can squirrels eat?

One of nature’s most common and beloved small creatures, squirrels have a keen sense of survival. But these adorable critters are surprisingly picky eaters; in fact, they often steer clear of some seemingly nutritious foods. For example, squirrels don’t usually consume unshelled nuts because they can’t digest those hard-to-crack shells.

They also tend to avoid grains such as rice and wheat, but that doesn’t mean you should count raisins out just yet! Here are some answers to common questions about how much raisins can squirrels eat.

Are raisins safe for squirrels?

In theory, raisins are safe for squirrels to eat. In fact, many animal lovers provide raisins as a healthy snack for their pets. Yet most veterinarians advise against it; in some cases, raisins can be fatal for squirrels because they’re high in sugar and carbohydrates. Always consult your veterinarian before giving food to any wild animal to ensure it’s safe to do so.

Can squirrels eat black raisins?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about whether or not black raisins can harm squirrels. Despite what you might have heard, black raisins are perfectly safe for squirrels to eat. While there are no long-term studies on what effect eating a high-raisin diet would have on them, common sense indicates that it wouldn’t be bad for them.

After all, red and purple grapes are technically black raisins—or at least they used to be before they were dried and processed into their present form. So how exactly did rumors begin that black raisins were bad for squirrels?

Can squirrels eat Golden or Sultanas raisins?

In the U.S., raisins made from Thompson seedless grapes are golden. Whether or not a squirrel can eat Golden raisins depends on whether it is sick or not and what time of year it is. In general, if a squirrel is ill, he probably won’t be interested in eating anything except liquids; however, as long as he’s healthy, there shouldn’t be any problem with your pet squirrel eating Golden raisins.

Make sure you cut them up into smaller pieces before feeding them to your pet so that they don’t choke.

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Can squirrels eat green raisins?

Green raisins are healthy. They have high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that might help combat joint pain and arthritis, promote digestion, relieve constipation, improve vision and increase energy levels in some people. They’re also delicious when paired with blue cheese on top of a green salad.

But can squirrels eat green raisins? We’ll get to that shortly. First, let’s look at a few facts about raisins: What Are Green Raisins?: One thing is for sure: Green raisins are real raisins—they just haven’t been dried yet.

Can ground squirrels eat raisins?

It’s tempting to feed any ground squirrel you see a handful of raisins. But, can ground squirrels eat raisins? It turns out that these little rodents may not be big fans of raisins. While there aren’t many studies on ground squirrel diets, we do know a little bit about their eating habits from past research.

Ground squirrel diets are mostly composed of vegetation and some insects—not fruit. And even if they enjoy eating sweet things, their digestive systems may not be equipped to process them.

Can flying squirrels eat raisins?

While flying squirrels are cute, you probably don’t want them taking up residence in your attic. And one of their favorite foods is raisins. But can flying squirrels eat raisins? Yes and no. Some species of flying squirrel can eat raisins but others cannot.

However, they all love to gnaw on wood, so if there’s a hole in your house or barn, you might have a problem with little flying pests eating through your rafters. Luckily for you, it’s easy to fix a hole — and your food storage — before disaster strikes.

Can grey squirrels eat raisins?

No, grey squirrels cannot eat raisins. These squirrel-specific treats are poisonous to animals of their size. They may become ill if they consume a significant amount of them, but there is no clear consensus on how much would be needed for an animal as small as a grey squirrel to show signs of poisoning.

As such, we suggest that you always discard any leftover raisins in case a smaller animal comes into contact with them—it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Can wild squirrels eat raisins?

Even though it may seem like a tasty treat, wild squirrels cannot eat raisins. Wild squirrels do not have access to things like fresh water or an enclosed area where they can feel comfortable. Because of these two factors, a wild squirrel’s health will suffer if they consume foods that are not natural to them.

While humans and domesticated animals may be able to eat whatever they want, wild animals need to make sure their diets consist of things that would normally be available in their environment. Wild squirrel diets consist of nuts, berries and other fruits that are naturally found in forests and on tree branches where they live.