Vapor steam cleaners that emit super-hot dry steam are widely used in commercial and industrial settings to tackle a host of cleaning challenges. Advanced versions of steam cleaning machines provide unmatched cleansing power by ejecting steam at pressure levels of up to 150 psi and an extremely high temperature of up to 360°F. Another feature that makes industrial steam cleaners so effective is their ability to generate high-density steam. In fact, a quality steam cleaner will emit steam that is almost 200% denser than the steam ejected by low-quality steam cleaning machines.

In spite of their powerful cleaning capabilities, industrial steam cleaners may not be the right choice for complicated degreasing applications in an industrial setting. For managing heavy-duty degreasing jobs effectively, you need a machine that offers both high temperature levels and high pressure levels. Although a steam cleaner boasts high temperatures, it lacks the high pressure levels needed for degreasing jobs. Therefore, for cleaning greasy areas and industrial equipment, opt for a steam pressure washer instead of a vapor steam cleaner.

Featuring high pressure levels of up to 3000 psi and super-hot steam temperatures of about 330ºF, steam pressure washers offered by reputable suppliers work well for heavy degreasing tasks.

Despite this limitation, steam cleaners are desirable cleaning machines for a wide array of applications in commercial, industrial settings, including tile and grout cleaning, bathroom cleaning, window cleaning, spot cleaning carpets, and sanitizing.

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How Important is Vacuum Extraction in Steam Cleaning?

To understand the significance of the vacuum extraction capability in a steam cleaner, it is important to first understand how a steam cleaning machine functions. After you fill the vapor steam cleaner with water, the boiler heats this water and converts it into a low-moisture, vaporized steam. This dry vapor is ejected through a nozzle onto the dirty surface. The steam softens stains, dirt, and grime on different materials and makes it easier to wipe them away later.

But an industrial steam cleaner does not blast away dirt and grime like a pressure washer. This is because steam cleaning machines use lower pressure levels with a maximum of 150 psi, ideal for loosening dirt and stains.

High-quality steam cleaners available from reputable distributors include a vacuum extraction function that allows cleaning as well as simultaneously extracting softened dirt and debris. The extracted dirt particles or dirty solution is then deposited into an extraction tank.

The vacuum extraction feature helps to finish the cleaning process faster since the cleanup and extraction happens simultaneously. If the vapor steam cleaner does not possess this extraction feature, then towels are required to wipe off the moisture or dirt particles left behind after cleaning. An industrial steam cleaner from a reputable supplier usually comes with solution and extraction tanks with large capacities for continuously cleaning large areas.

Other features to consider are continuous refill technology for non-stop cleaning, antibacterial technology for complete sanitization, chewing gum removal capabilities, and other technologies available from the industry’s top suppliers.

The Importance of Steam Cleaners with HEPA Filters

As technology advances, steam cleaners have become more equipped to handle challenging commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Carpet steam cleaners can more effectively spot clean dirt and stains out of carpets. Industrial steam cleaners are more effective in cleaning industrial flooring, table and countertops, furniture, and other areas. Certain commercial steam cleaners can even disinfect surfaces in hospitals, food service and preparation facilities, nursing homes, and more. To dramatically increase the cleaning capabilities in your factory or office, consider purchasing industrial steam cleaners and commercial carpet steam cleaners with HEPA filters.

The latest versions of steam cleaners eject super-hot steam that contains only 5 percent moisture. Low moisture content means less mess and little water remaining after a cleaning session.

HEPA filters are another notable inclusion in steam cleaners. Quality steam cleaning machines feature HEPA filtration systems that provide extra protection against allergens by efficiently removing them from surfaces and depositing them in water instead of reintroducing them into the atmosphere. Using a cleaning machine with HEPA filters in the office or factory will improve the quality of air and eliminate allergens and air-borne dirt.

Here are some other features of steam cleaning machines you will find among the industry’s top machines:

  • Super-heated steam at temperatures up to 360ºF
  • Detergent chamber into which you can add detergents to boost the cleaning power
  • Pressure levels up to 150 psi
  • Optional tools and chemicals for removing wads of chewing gum

Dangers of Using Steam Cleaning on Sensitive Surfaces

Steam cleaners have completely revolutionized the way we clean a range of surfaces, including tiles, kitchen floors, furniture, window sills, appliances, vehicle interiors, and more. Steam cleaning works well on these surfaces because they are capable of withstanding high temperatures. Though many people wonder, is it safe to steam clean wallpaper, pressed paper, cardboard, sealed hardwood, silk fabrics, and woolen clothing that are incapable of handling high temperatures? Will the super hot steam ejected by a vapor steam cleaner do more harm than good to such heat-sensitive surfaces?

Let us take the case of unsealed hardwood floors, for instance. In general, experts advise against using a floor steam cleaner on unsealed hardwood floors, as well as other delicate surfaces. In such cases, the use of a high-temperature steam cleaner machine can damage the heat-sensitive surfaces.

If you are unsure of whether it is safe to use a floor steamer or vapor steam cleaner on your floor or another surface, test a small area before proceeding. This is known as patch testing. If you are still unsure, it is best to contact the company’s customer service department that manufactured your wood flooring.

If you know that you will have to handle the cleaning of heat-sensitive surfaces before you purchase the machine, speak with one of your supplier’s well-informed product specialists to match the right cleaning machine to the application at hand.

Limitations of Steam Cleaners You Must Know About

With the right specifications, steam cleaners are capable of generating vaporized steam at extremely high temperatures that can tackle various cleaning applications remarkably well. The best steam cleaning machines available from reputed distributors generally attain pressure levels of 150 psi and temperatures up to 386ºF. However, steam cleaner products are also subject to certain limitations. Let us take a closer look into it.

The moisture content in the steam generated by steam cleaning equipment is around 5 percent water. This low moisture content makes steam cleaning ineffective for heavy-duty cleaning tasks that demand higher flow rates and pressure levels. While adding green cleaning chemicals to the steam machine can boost its cleaning power, it is recommended that you choose pressure cleaning machines for very large industrial cleaning jobs, like degreasing.

Steam cleaner products do not work the same way as pressure cleaners. Steam does not possess enough power to blast away dirt, grime, and oil the way pressurized water does. However, the super-hot steam can instantly dissolve or soften stubborn stains and dirt, thus making it easy for you to wipe the deposits away with a brush or towel. The need to wipe surfaces makes steam cleaners unsuitable for cleaning industrial equipment or machinery that may feature nooks or crevices inaccessible with towels or brushes.

So, if you are planning to purchase steam cleaning equipment, remember to analyze your requirements to decide if steam cleaning is the best for your needs.

Tile Steam Cleaning Systems: An Excellent Option for Cleaning Spas

Many people frequent spas to refresh and rejuvenate their minds and bodies. Although spas seem clean, sparkling, and well maintained, it is not easy to keep them that way. Places often with heavy traffic, such as saunas, locker rooms, and hot tubs, can create an atmosphere that acts as a breeding ground for germs. To clean floors and other surfaces in a spa and leave it completely sanitized, it would be a good idea to check out professional steam cleaners, such as a tile steam cleaner, with anti-bacterial capabilities.

The bathtubs, floors, and shower stalls in spas can quickly develop hard water stains. Removing such stains is not often easy with conventional cleaning techniques. However, newer versions of tile steam cleaner systems simplify this task by ejecting extremely hot steam that softens and melts away stains on impact. Professional steam cleaners from reputable suppliers come with special wands or applicators so that you can focus the steam directly on the stains.

Professional steam cleaners available from leading distributors also feature innovative sanitization functions that enable the elimination of more than 99 percent of germs, bacteria, pathogens, and mold. The addition of a HEPA filter also works to create a healthier environment by trapping dust and other allergens. In addition to being feature-rich, a tile steam cleaner also involves minimum maintenance when purchased from reputable suppliers, as it will feature top-grade components and self-cleaning boilers.

To enhance the cleaning efficiencies of these steam vacuum cleaners, all you have to do is add a cleaning solution to the detergent tank. Professionals often recommend green cleaning solutions as a safer alternative to toxic chemicals. These cleaners are safer for those exposed to it, as well as the surface being cleaned. The tile steam cleaner will then eject detergent-enriched steam.

High-grade steam vacuum cleaners are versatile cleaning machines that can be used on different surfaces like tiled floors, bathtubs, hot tubs, mirrors, bathroom fittings, and many other surfaces. A tile steam cleaner is also great for spot cleaning carpets and maintaining bedding, mattresses, and upholstery. To efficiently accomplish these diverse cleaning jobs, steam vacuum cleaners feature an assortment of attachments and accessories.

Gum Removal Made Easy With Floor Steam Cleaner

A floor steam cleaner is unbeatable when it comes to cleaning off dirt, stains, and grime from different surfaces. In addition to cleaning most floor types, newer versions of these machines also double up as gum removal equipment.

By ejecting extremely hot steam onto hard surfaces, a floor steam cleaner makes it unbelievably fast and easy to remove tough residues of chewing gum. The main forces behind the gum extraction capability of such gum removal equipment is high temperature levels up to 349ºF and powerful vacuum extraction functions.

While the super-hot steam instantly softens hardened gum wads, vacuum extraction ensures the complete removal of gum residues. Since a floor steam cleaner utilizes the exceptional cleaning power of steam, you can completely avoid the use of harsh gum removal chemicals. However, top suppliers do recommend using a biodegradable gum removal solution to improve the dissolving power and speed of a steam cleaner in removing chewing gum.

The gum removal capabilities of a floor steam cleaner are definitely better than the extraction functions of the best carpet steam cleaner. This is because the best carpet steam cleaner features lower temperature levels of around 210°F and are not designed for gum removing tasks.

Unlike the best carpet steam cleaner, advanced gum removal equipment features attachments and accessories like gum removing tools, gum softening solutions and stainless steel brushes to aid easy gum extraction. This gum removing system thus helps you clean off gum residues on your own without having to seek the services of professional cleaners.

Top-grade steam cleaning machines available from leading suppliers feature quality components, making them durable, efficient, powerful, and user-friendly. Quality floor steam cleaner machines from reputable brands will also include innovative features like removable heating elements and self-cleaning boilers.

Squeaky, Shiny Floors – Now Possible With Steam Cleaners

Many businesses feature different types of floors. For instance, commercial kitchens or shopping malls usually feature vinyl floors, while ceramic tiles may adorn restroom floors. There may also be elegant hardwood flooring or carpets, restaurant dining areas and retail shops. However, all these floor types are similar in one aspect – they all demand regular cleaning sessions. Sweeping and mopping may not always be the best way to get rid of hardened stains and other dirt deposits. To get gleaming, squeaky-clean floors, you must try innovative machines like steam cleaners.

Steam cleaners available from leading distributors eject extremely hot steam that instantly softens tough dirt deposits, grime buildup and stains on hard floors. Such steam cleaners can reach up to 386°F. For cleaning hard floors in such places as kitchens and bathrooms, use steam cleaners with attached vacuums. This will help eliminate the liquid residue left behind to improve the efficiency and speed of the cleaning process.

Quality brands of floor steam cleaner machines include HEPA filters and anti-bacterial technologies proven to eliminate more than 99 percent of disease-causing germs and bacteria on the surface. A floor steam cleaner with these technologies is helpful for cleaning bathrooms, gyms, kitchens, and hospitals, where killing bacteria is required to ensure the safety of guests and customers.

Many people believe it is okay to use steam cleaners for carpet cleaning. This is not exactly true. The function of steam cleaners for carpet maintenance is limited to spot cleaning only. Despite intense cleaning functions, the most powerful steam cleaners are inappropriate for professional carpet cleaning. When using steam cleaners for carpet stain removal, make sure the surface can withstand such high temperatures. Certain materials may melt, shrink, or bleed when exposed to such high temperatures.

Despite their limitations in complete carpet cleaning, steam cleaners are the go-to machines for cleaning in a variety of commercial facilities. Look for the best floor steam cleaner systems from high-quality, reliable suppliers.