Pressure washers are usually associated with heavy-duty cleaning in industrial and commercial establishments such as restaurants and institutions like hospitals and schools. These commercial pressure washers use a mixture of pressure, heat and water flow to deliver the desired results in numerous environments. Advanced pressure washing equipment can also be used in auto detailing industries, where lower pressure coupled with low flow rates do the work better than absolute force.

Pressure Washer Applications and Equipment

Purchasing a pressure washer must be based on the type of application the cleaning machine is needed for. Specially designed pressure washers with low-pressure levels and low flow rates work best for auto detailing. In such cases, the intense pressure of an industrial pressure washer is not required to clean the car. High pressure can not only damage the car’s exteriors and paint, but it can also lead to the waste of large amounts of water.

Low Flow Pressure Washers for Specific Industry Use

Pressure washing machines with low flow technology uses a combination of power and heat to clean the car’s exteriors. The pressure output from these machines should not exceed 1500 psi as it can cause dents, scratches and chips off the paint as well. Generally, with pressure washing equipment, higher flow rates are matched with higher output pressure levels. However, pressure washing machines with low flow rates are the best for auto detailing as they use minimal water, which can save on water bills and environmental issues.

Commercial Cleaning Calls for High-Pressure Output

However, in commercial operations, the stains and dirt are more stubborn and require the higher pressure power of an advanced pressure washing machine. A quality pressure washing machine’s cleaning power ensures the complete removal of oil stains, grease marks, chemical spills, and debris. Powerful cleaning machines can carry out commercial and industrial cleaning with a high degree of efficiency.

Pressure Washers Handle Complex Cleaning Tasks Effortlessly

Advanced cleaning machines for industrial cleaning come with variable temperature settings. The pressure output from these machines can reach a high of 3000 psi, and the flow rate is generally around 5 gallons per minute. They are designed to carry out the most complex commercial cleaning tasks effortlessly and quickly.

Choose Between Electric and Propane Operated Machines

Powerful pressure washing machines help restaurants and factories keep their flooring and equipment clean and stain-free. Business owners prefer a pressure washing machine that runs on propane because it can be used in many settings, including larger areas where there is no electric supply source. Such pressure washing equipment is best for cleaning exterior areas and can easily be handled and move around. Electrically operated machines can also be used depending on your specific needs and availability of outlets.

Need Maximum Cleaning Power? Choose the Right Pressure Washer

Pressure cleaners are popular for a wide variety of cleaning tasks in commercial and industrial settings. To tackle numerous cleaning needs, commercial pressure washers from leading distributors feature different pressure levels, temperature options, and water flow rates. These factors can be combined to create different levels of cleaning power.

The pressure level is important to consider when purchasing a pressure cleaner. The commercial pressure washers available from reputable distributors feature pressure levels ranging from 750 psi to 8000 psi. High pressure levels are more effective in blasting away stubborn residues but may damage more delicate surfaces. For this reason, consider the surface to be cleaned when making a purchase decision.

Light-duty power cleaners with pressure levels between 750 to 1000 psi are suitable for general cleaning tasks like washing cars, patio furniture and fences. Pressure levels between 1500 to 3000 psi generated by industrial pressure washers work well for cleaning greasy and grimy concrete. Industrial electric pressure washer models that can attain pressure levels of above 3000 PSI can remove gum, grease, paint, stains, and grime from stone surfaces and industrial equipment.

Pressure washers are also classified into cold water, hot water, and steam units. Hot water power cleaners generate water temperatures up to 210ºF. Steam industrial pressure washers attain temperatures up to 330ºF. The higher the temperature, the faster the machine dissolves stubborn deposits. Tri-mode pressure washers provide all three temperature modes to meet the cleaning requirements of virtually all applications.

The flow rate of pressure washers measures the amount of water exiting the wand, expressed in GPM (gallons per minute). Pressure washers with low flow rates from .5 to 2.5 GPM use less water for cleaning and are ideal for all cleaning tasks where minimal water flow is required or where drainage is an issue. Industrial electric pressure washer machines with high flow rates of above 5 GPM can clean large areas in a short time period. However, high flow rates can damage delicate surfaces like automotive exteriors.

The best way to find the right pressure washer for you is to first understand your cleaning requirements. Then talk with a product specialist at a trusted supplier to select the right features and options for your needs.

Heated Versus Non-heated Pressure Washers

Power washers are often categorized by temperature offerings: cold water, steam, and hot water.

A cold water pressure washer is ideal for cleaning tasks in residential or commercial facilities that do not require the extra power of steam or hot water. Cold-water high-pressure washers are light-weight and compact, and popular for use in businesses like retail stores and restaurants. One consideration for these customers is to purchase an electric pressure washer, which is quieter than fuel-powered models and produces no exhaust.

For the more demanding cleaning tasks, choose hot-water electric pressure washers. This type of electric pressure washer offers superior cleaning action by generating hot water at high-pressure levels. That makes these hot water pressure washer machines suitable for cleaning greasy, grimy or other dirty surfaces. Hot water power washer equipment is especially beneficial for cleaning food manufacturing areas with lots of grease and oil.

Steam power washer models are the most powerful pressure cleaning machines available and the best choice for heavy-duty cleaning or degreasing jobs. These power cleaners generate super-hot steam at temperatures of about 330°F that quickly softens hardened dirt, tough stains, and stubborn grease. The high temperatures of these steam-based electric pressure washers allow you to clean and sanitize simultaneously.

Today, you can also purchase tri-mode pressure cleaners that offer all three high-pressure washer temperature settings. To choose the right pressure cleaner, understand the unit specifications, compare those to your needs and then buy a unit from a reputable distributor.

Electric or Gas Pressure Washers?

The latest gas pressure washers can be used for a wide range of commercial and industrial cleaning jobs. The machines can handle various cleaning applications ranging from lighter commercial cleaning to heavy-duty tasks in industrial settings. Gas pressure washers are available in different temperature options, pressure levels, and flow rates.

Instead of pressure washers powered by gas, many businesses choose electric pressure washers due to their lower cost, minimal exhaust output, and decreased noise pollution. However, pressure cleaners that run on gas are growing in popularity because these can be used e areas where the electricity supply may not be reliable or available.

Gas pressure washers are especially popular due to their mobility, user-friendliness and higher cleaning efficiency. Mobility is a key benefit of the latest gas pressure washer because the units are not limited by the existence of a usable electrical outlet. Unlike electric pressure cleaners, a gas pressure washer will not slow down the cleaning process or create hazards due to tangled power cords.

Although both the latest gas pressure washers and electric units offer distinct benefits, it is better to choose a gasoline pressure washer when electricity may not be available. However, despite your mobility needs and power preference, both types of units can be purchased with a wide variety of pressure levels (from 700 psi to 7000 psi) and flow rates (0.5 GPM to 9 GPM). To find the best gas or electric pressure washer to suit your applications, consult a trusted supplier that offers an assortment of models with varying flow rates, pressure levels, temperature options, power methods, and mobility configurations.

Reasons to Choose Propane Powered Pressure Washers

There is an astounding variety of water pressure washers available on the market today. Therefore, you must consider your requirements carefully before making a purchase. For commercial and industrial cleaning applications indoors, experts recommend purchasing pressure washers powered by electricity. However, when it comes to cleaning outdoor areas where electrical outlets may not be available, it is best to choose fuel-powered versions like propane-powered pressure washers.

To ensure you get the best pressure washer machine that combines efficiency, durability, power and mobility, remember to make your purchase from reputed online distributors. Top-grade water pressure washers are capable of attaining pressure levels of 8000 psi and flow rates of 9 GPM for unmatched cleaning efficiency.

Since these propane pressure washers do not need to be tethered to electrical outlets, they are more mobile than electric pressure washers. This mobility is an advantage when you need to maintain vast industrial areas. The best pressure washer will also feature exceptionally rugged construction that enables it to withstand years of rough use under the most challenging conditions. Every component in a quality power cleaner, including the powder-coated housing and stainless steel heating coils, will be of the highest grade.

High-quality propane-powered pressure washers from top suppliers are also notable for their tri-mode capabilities that enable them to function independently as steam pressure cleaners, hot water power cleaners, or cold water power washers. You can choose the cold water mode for light-duty cleaning applications. On the other hand, the hot water mode or steam mode can be chosen for tackling demanding tasks, such as cleaning food manufacturing plants, industrial equipment, or heavy vehicles.

When you are in the market for a new pressure washer, it will be in your best interest to purchase from a trusted supplier. The benefits of reputable distributors are twofold, you have access to a wide range of high-quality products, and you can utilize help from their product specialists to match the right machine to your needs.

High-Pressure Washers with Exceptional Degreasing Abilities

High-pressure power washers combine high pressure levels and super-high hot water and steam temperatures for maximum cleaning and degreasing performance. It is almost impossible to transform a greasy, stained surface into a sparkling one using conventional methods. However, high-pressure washers can accomplish that difficult task with minimal effort.

For the best degreasing results, choose hot water or steam models instead of cold water pressure washers. A cold water unit will not eliminate tough grease completely but will turn the grease into waxy clumps that can be even harder to eliminate. Hot-water-based high-power washers dissolve the grease and oily deposits. Selecting a model with high steam temperatures will be even more effective, as degreasing capabilities are enhanced as temperature increases. The best models feature all three temperature options to meet the requirements of all cleaning applications.

Since high pressure washers can generate hot water with temperatures up to 210ºF and steam at temperatures up to 330ºF, they are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing jobs in industrial settings like food manufacturing plants. In addition to their powerful cleaning capabilities, these high-power industrial pressure washers are also user-friendly. A machine that combines high temperature levels and user-friendly operation with high pressure levels up to 3000 psi and flow rates up to 5 GPM will offer unmatched degreasing capabilities.

The most important factor to consider is the quality of the machine. Degreasing with high pressure washers involves the use of hot water or steam, so it is important to purchase reliable pressure cleaners with high-quality boilers and heating elements that can withstand high temperatures. To ensure that your high-power washers will continue functioning well for years, it is vital that you make your purchase from reputable suppliers.

How to Buy High-Quality Pressure Washers

If you expect your pressure washers to perform their best for years after your purchase, it is important to buy units made with quality components. Pressure washers from leading suppliers are made of top-grade components that are tough enough to withstand challenging cleaning tasks. The first thing to consider about water pressure washers is their housing. Coldwater pressure washers, hot water pressure washers, and steam units should be housed in the heavy-duty, powder-coated, high-gloss, chip- and chemical-resistant steel. Pressure cleaners housed in aluminum or low-grade plastic will quickly wear down, leading to a decreased lifespan of the machine.

For hot water pressure washers, choose high-quality stainless steel or heavy-duty schedule 80 heating coils for increased longevity and safety.

Mobility is another key consideration for cold water pressure washers and heated models. Mobility is particularly important for cleaning large areas like industrial facilities. The wheeled configurations of mobile pressure cleaners must be exceptionally reliable with strong wheels that can resist wear and tear even under very demanding conditions. Truck/trailer mountable options provide enhanced mobility for heavier units.

Although pressure cleaners with quality components and well-built construction can be more expensive, the cost will be worth it in the long run because quality water pressure washers will provide optimal performance for years without the need to repair or replace components.

Working Hard to Remove Graffiti? Try Pressure Cleaning

Removing graffiti from concrete walls can be a very difficult task, mainly due to the porous nature of concrete. Spray paint quickly penetrates deep into the concrete walls, making it nearly impossible to remove it. This is why you need to use the best pressure washers to deep clean these walls and remove every trace of graffiti. Of all methods currently in use for cleaning graffiti, the most effective is the use of steam pressure washers.

Leading suppliers now offer high-quality water pressure washers with steam cleaning capabilities. The top-grade components and tough construction of these high-pressure washer machines make them the perfect choice for pressure cleaning jobs and graffiti removal. The best pressure washers have pressure levels of 3000 psi and flow rates of 5 GPM, easily capable of eliminating graffiti. In addition, steam temperature levels can reach up to 330°F to readily dissolve paint residues.

The hot steam of these water pressure washers helps to penetrate into the concrete to remove stains from the surface and deep inside. For an added advantage, green chemicals specifically formulated for removing graffiti can be added to steam pressure washers. These green chemicals are safe and non-toxic. Breaking down quickly in the environment, green cleaners are the ultimate way to enhance the graffiti removal capabilities of your pressure cleaner.