After you get the offer letter from the HR department of a US based company, you should confirm your willingness to join the company on a particular date. While confirming the joining date, you must make sure you can resign from your current position before your start date.

A short joining date confirmation email is best. You don’t need to write more than one or two paragraphs.

Here are some joining date confirmation email samples you can send to the HR department.

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How to open your letter to HR?

It’s best to keep the opening of a letter or email to HR formal. Use a formal greeting, such as Dear Mr. Peterson or Dear Ms. Smith. But, if you’re unsure of someone’s gender and can’t find out on LinkedIn, write the full name, as in Dear Valeria Gonzales or Dear Victoria Lee.

Today, many people write to HR without the formal “Dear” in greeting. Business in the U.S. is less formal, so a common greeting like “Hello (first name)” is sufficient. But, if you are applying for a job with an “old school” company, you might want to start formally.

Don’t confuse the first and last names of people. This can easily happen if you are unfamiliar with the name of people. As we interact with people around the world, dealing with people from various cultures and languages, it’s easy to be confused.

The most important lesson here is to resist the temptation to make assumptions. Do a bit of research before you address the letter to HR. LinkedIn is a good place to start your research.

Correct spelling is equally important in peoples’ names. It’s a huge turnoff when people spell your name incorrectly. That’s one typo everyone will catch.

If you cannot find out the name of the HR person, you can use a generic salutation, such as Dear Human Resources Professional or Dear HR Manager. Don’t use the old-fashioned “To Whom It May Concern” greeting. It’s antiquated and should be avoided.

Alternatively, you can write “Greetings.” It’s informal yet polite, so it’s a safe way to start your letter to HR. Although you could also dispense with the opening greeting and start with your first sentence, it’s a bit abrupt.

In all email or letter openings to HR, capitalize the first letter of each noun and follow your greeting with punctuation. Use either a comma (Dear Mr. Semmelweis) or a colon (Dear HR manager:).

How do I start an email to HR?

You can start an email to HR with “Dear (first name)” of the HR professional. But “Sir/Madam” would also work as an opening to your email to HR. The most important tip here is to be respectful.

But any of the following are acceptable to start an email to HR:

  • Dear HR manager
  • Dear Mr./Ms. (Last name)
  • Greetings – It’s an informal yet polite greeting.

Can I say “Dear” to HR?

You can start an email to HR with “Dear.” But you can also start with “Sir/Madam.”

But any of the following are acceptable to start an email to HR:

  • Dear HR professional
  • Dear Mr./Ms. (Last name)
  • Dear HR manager

How do you address Human Resources in a letter about the joining date?

It may seem straightforward, but addressing your letter to HR about the joining date is an important detail. Addressing an actual person in HR is the best approach. If you don’t know the person’s name, you can open your letter with “Dear HR manager.”

Address your letter to the HR department’s human resources manager or an HR professional. You can reach out to the company directly and ask for the name of the HR manager. Or, you can get this information on LinkedIn.

In the salutation, include the name and title of the HR person to whom you are addressing the letter. In the greeting, use “Dear (name of the HR manager.” Never assume a person’s gender. If you are unsure about the addressee’s gender, it’s safe to use the first and last name after the word “Dear.” A letter to HR about the joining date is a business letter. Therefore, it’s best to use a colon after the salutation, but you can also use a comma. Double-check to ensure that you have spelled the HR person’s name correctly.

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How to end your email or letter to HR?

It’s best to end your letter or email message with a formal closing, such as Best regards, Sincerely, or Regards. If your closing has more than one word, capitalize the first word only, as in Sincerely yours or Best regards. A comma is required after the closing. Although it’s not a huge mistake, it’s a common error in business communications.

Your full name goes on the next line. It helps to have your call phone number under your name, just in case HR wants to get in touch. Although the company should have your contact information already, including your phone number with your letter about your joining date makes life easier for HR.

How to write an email about the joining date?

After receiving an official job offer letter, you need to reply to HR about the offer letter to confirm your joining date for your new position.

While you can always call HR and confirm your new job start date, sending a written response (email or letter) is usually better.
When you write an email to the HR department regarding the joining date, keep your confirmation email short and to the point.

Your response should be professional.

What to include in a letter to HR about the joining date?

  • Include your last name in the subject line and your joining date.
  • Address the HR person by name.
  • One sentence to include your position and joining date is enough.
  • Close with a simple “Thank you” and your first and last name.

Tips for writing an email about the joining date

Before you send, check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Keep the tone of the letter professional. You are not addressing a friend, so keep it professional. But it’s always good to show some excitement about taking on a new role with the organization. And it’s important to keep your letter short and simple. Don’t forget to show gratitude at the end of the letter.

Joining Date Confirmation Email to HR – Sample 1

Subject: Joining date for (Your first and last name)

Thank you for offering me the (Job title) position at (Company name). I am confirming that I will start on (Date in the offer letter). I am looking forward to being part of the team.

Best regards,

(Your first and last name)

Joining Date Confirmation Email to HR – Sample 2

Subject: Regarding joining date for (Your first and last name)

Dear “Human Resources Professional” or (Name of HR person)

I appreciate the opportunity to work in (Company name) as (Job title). I am excited to join on (the date in the offer letter).

Thank you.

(Your first and last name)