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Hey there! We want to help our readers with everything from lifestyle to business questions. We take pride in searching for answers to your questions. We are serial entrepreneurs, readers, and writers.

We strongly believe that you can create the life you want. We hope that this site helps you enjoy your life more and reach your goals.

Can I submit a guest post?

Yes! Topofy accepts amazing articles that suit the overall vibe of the site. If you want to submit a guest post, complete our contact form now.

Our mission is to help you succeed in business and in life.

Success is not about money.

At Topofy.com, we offer straightforward information. We want to help you make better business and life decisions. All for free.

Success is about being honest about what you want and to refuse to settle for anything less.

The Topofy Mission is to:

  • Provide a platform to share knowledge.
  • Acknowledge the attitude that “I don’t know everything, but I am open to ideas.” We understand that we all need help in the journey of life. We want to be your support system to maximize the chance for success in life.
  • Show that what seems impossible is achievable.
  • Share the philosophy that it takes time to succeed. Dedication and discipline are key ingredients of success.
  • Show that you can’t succeed alone. We understand that success is about learning and working together.