• slugs feel pain

    Do Slugs Feel Pain? [Find Out Now!]

    Slugs can destroy strawberries, carrots, roses, dahlias, tulips, and potatoes. If you don't control these pests, they can cause havoc across your flower beds and every corner of your garden. So, the question [...]

  • deer eat sunflower

    Do Deer Eat Sunflowers? [Signs to Look For]

    If you grow sunflowers on your land, you already know that deer can be a problem. Deer can invade your sunflower patch, destroying it systematically. Deer love to munch on sunflower seeds and [...]

  • 8 Steps to a Great Construction Company Website

    There is no better way to grow your construction business than designing a great website. If you are ready to take your construction business to the next level, you have to have a better website [...]

  • hanging basket fuchsia

    How do I plant up and grow a fuchsia hanging basket?

    For best results, only use one fuchsia variety in a basket. Most varieties mature and flower at different rates leading to a rambling display. If you want to break up the fuchsias, using something different [...]

  • overwinter fuchsias

    How do I overwinter a standard fuchsia?

    Keep in mind that no standard is hardy, even though many hardy fuchsia varieties make good standards. It's critical to keep all standard varieties at a minimum of 40 Fahrenheit or 5 Celsius during the [...]

  • grow fuchsia

    How do I grow a standard fuchsia?

    Standard fuchsias are very attractive but do take some patience. You will require a heated greenhouse or conservatory, where you can keep a fuchsia overwintered at nothing less than 5ºC. There are two ways to [...]

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