• invest money quit job

    What Is The Best Way To Invest My Money If I Quit My Job?

    If you quit your job, the best investment you can make is in yourself. Before you begin, think about all the jobs you ever had. What did you love and hate about each job? [...]

  • pot repot houseplants

    Tips to Pot or Repot Your Houseplants

    Tips for Easy Potting Keep triple mix and potting soil in lidded containers, neatly tucked underneath your potting bench. Place a trowel or soil scoop in each container for convenient potting. Have a small tabletop composter [...]

  • container gardening

    Expert Tips On Container Gardening

    The word "garden" is being redefined. If it's your sanctuary and the place where, hands in the dirt, you commune with nature, it's a garden. This might mean five acres in the country or a [...]

  • flower garden

    How to Plan and Plant a Flower Garden?

    Bright, beautiful flowers drew me to gardening many years ago. I wanted their diverse shapes, colors, and scents in all my planting beds, and their blossoms for the house—enough to fill a vase in every [...]

  • grow herb garden

    How to Grow Your Own Herb Garden?

    You don't need a garden plot to keep yourself supplied with fresh herbs all summer long. Some soil, pots, a sunny location, and a bit of care can turn a patio, balcony, staircase, deck, or [...]

  • how to make compost

    How to Make Compost at Home: Step by Step

    Making compost is recycling its best. With minimal effort and virtually no expense, you can magically transform grass clippings, vegetable and fruit peelings, and garden waste into dark, crumbly, rich compost, or even compost paper [...]

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