• relax mind

    Why Can’t I Relax My Mind?

    Has anyone ever told you to "relax or take it easy" when living through a stressful experience, and you thought to yourself, "I wish I could, but can't relax!" Relaxation actually isn't a [...]

  • retire in Portugal

    How to Retire in Portugal

    Retirement in Portugal is increasingly popular. People from EU and non-EU countries are planning to spend their golden years in Portugal. Portugal is an ideal place to retire in the sun, but it's much more [...]

  • divorce facts

    10 Interesting Facts You May Have Not Known About Divorce

    1. According to a study conducted by UC Berkley, if you have a daughter rather than a son, your marriage is 5 percent more likely to end in divorce. 2. Before 2003, divorces in China [...]

  • need rest and relaxation

    How Much Rest and Relaxation Do I Need?

    In order to be healthy, we need to nourish our bodies with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Rest and relaxation are also critical for a fit and healthy body. In a culture where you [...]

  • relaxing bath

    How To Have A Relaxing Bath?

    The best day to recover after gardening or a hard day at the office and prepare for a great day ahead is a relaxing bath. Any other time in history, a warm bath in the [...]

  • reduce stress during work

    What is the Simplest Way to be Calmer Relax and Reduce Stress During Work?

    The harsh reality of life today is that our workdays are hair-pulling stressful. Job, career, office politics are some of the leading causes of stress in the United States. Some stress at work is often [...]

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