• Is gardening good exercise

    Is Gardening Good Exercise?

    What type of physical activity is gardening? For many of us, gardening is more than an enjoyable pastime. It is an opportunity to stay healthy and get fit without the need to leave the comfort [...]

  • DTI home buyers

    DTI: What All Home Buyers Must Know About Debt-To-Income Ratio

    What is DTI? If you are applying for a home loan, you will likely hear the term DTI. DTI stands for the debt-to-income ratio. Your debt-to-income ratio tells lenders how much money you owe other [...]

  • home buying process

    Navigating the Home Buying Process: From Making an Offer to Managing Your Mortgage

    How to make a competitive offer on a home? In a buyer’s market, you may be able to make a low offer, tack on additional contingencies, and ask the seller to pay closing costs. But, [...]

  • fastest growing us cities

    10 Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S.

    I have put together a top ten list of America's fastest-growing cities, and why you should be checking out their housing markets: San Francisco, California San Francisco is one of the largest cultural hubs in [...]

  • budgeting ideas

    10 Creative Budgeting Ideas For Your Life

    Budgeting is one of the most important parts of successful money management. Budgeting can save you money and enable you to spend your money on things that really matter, such as buying a home. Here are [...]

  • save money

    7 Smartphone Apps To Help Optimize Your Finances

    Optimizing finances doesn’t have to be difficult. There are countless smartphone apps for both Android and iPhone users that can help you manage your personal finances. Here, we’ll discuss seven of them. 1. Flipp Food, [...]

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