• free fun weekend activities

    10 Free Fun Activities For Any Weekend

    The weekend rolls around, and you've got two full days and nights to have a good time. You check your wallet, but the contents look grim once again. You're zero balance budget hasn't allowed for [...]

  • create multiple streams of income

    10 Reasons to Create Multiple Streams of Income

    Imagine, you’re sitting at the cafe overlooking a lake, a row of ducks swim leisurely with their family in tow, you watch admiring the beauty of nature, a waiter brings you your breakfast of poached [...]

  • frequent flyer miles

    3 Frequent Flyer Secrets to Earn You Free Flights

    If you haven't already heard about frequent flyer programs, let me first explain what they are, then we'll get into some creative ways to use them to earn free flights! Can I use frequent flyer [...]

  • business schools

    What Are the Best Business Schools in Europe?

    Many individuals attend college in a foreign country to earn a prestigious degree and experience different cultures. A business degree is a valuable tool to have in today’s tough job market. Graduating from business school can [...]

  • luxury golf resorts

    What Are the Best Luxury Golf Resorts in Europe?

    The Scots are credited with the invention of modern golf, but the origins of the game are widely debated. Most believe that the game was first played in Europe during the Middle Ages. Evidence unearthed in [...]

  • medical spa tourism

    Popular Destinations for Medical and Beauty Tourism

    More and more people are combining the fun of a well-earned vacation with much needed medical or beauty treatments. This is a money saver and has the added benefit of leaving you with cherished memories. [...]

Proven Actionable Tips for a Successful Life

How to Relax in European Medical Spas?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people travel to Europe to visit medical spas and weight loss spas. They take advantage of curative remedies [...]

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