Website design is a crucial part of any small business’ online presence. Before you hire a web designer consider the following:

  • What are you selling?
  • Is it a product or service?
  • Who is your target customer?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • How is your business better than the competition?
  • What is unique about your business?

With all the businesses out there competing for the same customers your website could be the difference between success and failure.

How do you break through and stand out with your website?

While there may not be a secret formula that will bring the customers straight to you, there are tips that will make your website super effective. There are proven results showing that having an excellent, easy to navigate website is a key to success. Let’s dive deeper into this challenging world of web design, so that you can stand out.

Before you start on your website.

Designing a website is not a simple process, you must know who you are trying to reach. Most of this information will be gathered long before you need a website. Yet it is a crucial aspect of developing your web presence. If you are selling ready-made products you’ll need a gallery to showcase what you have to offer. If you are selling a service, you will need testimonials to support your claims. If you are in the business of self-help, meditation, cooking, education or the like, a blog style website could be beneficial. Bottom line the need for a website goes far beyond having an online presence for your patrons to peruse.

Where do you begin if you do not have the skill set to design your own website?

Just as you have a product or service to offer, there are those that specialize in helping small business owners just like you. A web designer will take you step by step through the process of creating a website that is tailored to suit your needs. You can help this process out by knowing a few key factors in preparing to design your website.

The first key is to know who the decision makers for your business are. Who will be in contact with the web designer? Who will give permission on each milestone in the creation process? You can discuss among your own team what choices and options to go with. Keep in mind, there should only be one person communicating with the website designer. Doing this allows there to be clear feedback. This an efficient way to streamline the information process while limiting confusion. Which will give you a faster and smoother development process?

What makes great website content?

Content is another key element that you should have ready for the developer before you begin the process. Knowing what you want your customers to know about you based on your website. And having it ready to give to the designer will cut the delays that occur due to content development. This content can include images, professional product descriptions, links to other websites or social media, written data, contact information, personal biographies, and anything else that your customers will want to know about your business. Having information and resources in place will allow the website developers to create a schedule that is easy to stick to. A well planned and easy-to-use schedule is the key to success.

What features will your website include?

There will be various options that are available when it comes to the technical side your website. The internet is there for your use, I would recommend taking advantage of researching the options given to you. This will guarantee that you have a better understanding of the features that are implemented on your site. Some of these features will cost you more up front, and that is why the research is necessary. Which features are in your best interest and which seem like a cool idea but will have zero practicality. Social media integration is one feature that I think most small businesses should look at. It can allow you to post and update in one place and all the other linked sites will also be updated. This can work well for updating products or announcing new features you may be offering.

Should your website have a blog feature?

As I stated earlier, having a blog can beneficial for your business. This feature allows for a constant stream of updated content on your site, which can play a big role in ranking. Having a high-ranking is another goal that you should have when designing your website. Using keywords will guarantee a higher percentage of your clients will find your website when they search for your style of business. Additionally, having fresh content on your site will encourage engagement from your customers which is a great way to boost your SEO. Including videos and images to go along with the blog will also add an element of visual value to the products or service that you are offering.

What is the proper layout for your website?

Other key facets of knowledge when designing a website are how layout and art play roles as well. Visual hierarchy comes into play when you view something and assess its value based on its prominence. An image of a large blue vase that takes up half the screen will be assumed to be of greater value than the small bracelet that is tucked away in the corner. The layout is directly linked to the ease of navigation of your site. If you have a poor layout and it is difficult for your customers to find what they are looking for, then having a great website will be for naught. There are many laws and rules out there that can be researched to assist in the web design process. Once again, take advantage of the information that is already on the internet. When you contact your web developers you will have a clear goal for your small businesses new addition.

There may be an overwhelming amount of options out there for your small business. Knowing that web developers specialize in helping owners like you will bring you peace of mind in this next exciting step. Every business wants to make a good impression on their clients. Having the right website for your style of business is the best foot to start on. And what is the best way to get on the right foot with your new website? Contact a dedicated website designer to set up your small business online presence.


photo credit: banditob _DSC0037 via photopin (license)