It’s important to know a few things about your Subaru so when a light comes on, such as AT OIL TEMP, you know what it means and what to do. Oil temperature is a serious matter, and you shouldn’t ignore it. So, what does AT OIL TEMP mean on a Subaru?

AT OIL TEMP is a red text warning light that signals that the automatic transmission fluid is hot, which is dangerous. An automatic transmission running with hot oil can quickly destroy the transmission.

Don’t drive your Subaru with the AT OIL TEMP light on or flashing. If you keep driving your car with hot transmission fluid, you risk destroying your transmission. When you first see the AT OIL TEMP light, park your car safely and seek help from a certified Subaru service department.

at oil temp light

If your Subaru’s AT OIL TEMP light is on or flashing, this article is for you.

What does AT oil temp mean?

A/T Oil Temp means that the automatic oil temperature is too high. Most Subaru transmission problems are the result of excessive overheating. So, if you want to extend the life of your Subaru, make sure your transmission doesn’t overheat. And if the AT OIL TEMP light is on, your transmission is overheating.

If this happens while driving your Subaru, you should put the vehicle in “Park” until the A/T oil temp light turns off. And if the light does not disappear, you should have your Subaru inspected promptly.

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What does AT oil temp mean Subaru?

The “AT OIL TEMP” light means that your Subaru’s automatic transmission fluid temperature is too hot. This oil temp alert uses text instead of a symbol to notify the driver of a problem.

If you see the AT OIL TEMP light come on in the Subaru dash, you should pull over and safely park the vehicle immediately.

While in “Park,” allow the engine to idle. It allows the transmission to cool down. Once the automatic transmission temperature is within a normal range, the light will turn itself off.

Once the “AT OIL TEMP” light is off, you can continue driving your Subaru. But if the light comes on again, you should take your car to a Subaru service in your area and let one of their techs run a professional diagnosis. The Subaru mechanic should be able to tell you why the automatic transmission is overheating.

If the “AT OIL TEMP” light starts to flash immediately after starting your Subaru, it may be the sign of a problem with the transmission control module. Your transmission may behave erratically until this problem is addressed at a certified Subaru service department.

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Why is my Subaru flashing oil temp?

When your Subaru’s oil temp light is flashing, there has likely been a malfunction in the automatic transmission system. If the flashing indicator appears, the best thing to do is to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible.

How long can you drive with oil light on Subaru?

You shouldn’t drive your Subaru with the oil light on. The oil light signals a potentially severe problem with your car. You should stop driving your car immediately when you see the red oil light.

A red oil light indicates that the engine oil pressure is low. And low oil pressure could destroy your engine, so it’s a serious problem. If you are lucky, it’s only a failed sensor, but there is no way to know without getting it checked by a Subaru mechanic.

It’s a bad idea to continue to drive your Subaru until you know what triggered the oil light. If you continue driving your car, the engine will likely overheat. And, when the engine overheats, metal parts may grind against each other, resulting in engine damage.

You should contact a Subaru service department if you are unsure what to do. It is the best way to prevent unnecessary repair bills.

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What causes a T oil temp?

High automatic transmission fluid temperature causes AT oil temp light. Basically, when the automatic transmission fluid reaches a temperature around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the AT Oil Temp light can start flashing.

When you see the AT OIL TEMP light on, you shouldn’t drive your car. If you keep driving your Subaru while the automatic transmission fluid is overheating, your car may shake or start to slow down.

What to do when the AT Oil Temp light comes on?

When the AT Oil Temp light comes on, stop driving your car as soon as possible. If you continue to drive your Subaru when the oil gets too hot, you’re running the risk of damaging your vehicle.

When the AT Oil Temp light turns on and starts flashing, the smart thing to do is pull over and turn off the engine. Stopping the engine allows the oil to cool and prevent further damage to your car.

Because the AT Oil Temp light could indicate a serious problem with your Subaru, the best thing to do is have a qualified mechanic get to the bottom of the issue. It’s the only way to be sure the problem is resolved.

Why would my AT oil temp be high?

There could be many reasons for your AT oil temp to be high. Transmission fluid overheating includes problems with the solenoid, burnt or ineffective fluid, low fluid levels, and leaks. Other factors include heavy towing, lots of bumper-to-bumper traffic, your Subaru’s size and load, and a hot climate.

Common causes of high oil temperatures are:

  • Low automatic transmission fluid level
  • Malfunctioning solenoid
  • Transmission fluid buildup
  • Old automatic transmission fluid
  • Hot weather driving
  • Fast driving

Be sure to keep an eye out for any of these potential problems, take your Subaru to a service center for regular checkups and maintenance. A little bit of TLC will help prevent transmission fluid overheating before, and you’ll extend the life of your transmission.

Why would my oil temp be high?

There could be many reasons for your oil temp to be high.

Common causes of high oil temperatures are:

  • Low oil level
  • Malfunctioning solenoid
  • Oil buildup
  • Old oil
  • Hot weather driving
  • Fast driving

What does AT oil temp blinking mean?

AT oil temp blinking means that your transmission fluid is overheating. Therefore, the AT Oil Temp light starts flashing when the transmission fluid is much hotter than your car can handle.

For Subarus, the maximum automatic transmission oil temperature is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The AT Oil Temp warning light will start blinking if your transmission oil temperature rises above normal.

Once the AT Oil Temp light is on, you shouldn’t keep driving your vehicle too far. And the best thing is to stop your car until you find out what’s causing the problem.

What is the A T oil?

AT oil or automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is used in cars with automatic transmission. It’s a red or green color liquid optimized for automatic transmissions.

What is the oil temp supposed to be on Subaru?

The automatic oil temp is supposed to be under 200 degrees Fahrenheit. As long the oil temperature remains within normal range, the automatic transmission should be able to function normally. But, if you continue to drive your car while the AT fluid is overheating, it could lead to the automatic transmission failure, causing additional damage to your Subaru.

Transmission failure is one of the most expensive repairs on cars. The good news is that you can avoid it if you stop driving your car if the AT oil temp light is on or flashing.

What does oil light on Subaru mean?

The AT OIL TEMP light on means, while the engine is running, that your automatic transmission fluid (oil) temperature is too high. If the AT OIL TEMP light comes on while driving your vehicle, pull over and let the engine idle for a few minutes. Hopefully, this time will allow the oil to cool down enough for the indicator light to turn off.

But if the oil light flashes when you start your Subaru, it could indicate a malfunctioning automatic transmission control system.

What does it mean when the oil light comes on in a Subaru?

When the oil light comes on in a Subaru, it could indicate the engine oil below the required limit. If you see the low engine oil light on, stop your car and check the engine oil level.

The oil light could also come on if your car is on a steep incline. As your Subaru speeds or slows, the oil light may also come on temporarily.

If the engine oil level is below normal, refill the engine before you start your car engine again. The oil light is no joke. Driving your Subaru with the oil light on could damage your engine, resulting in expensive repairs.

AT Oil Temp Meaning Subaru Forester

AT OIL TEMP light could mean different things. Most likely, the AT OIL TEMP means that the automatic transmission fluid temperature is above normal. The AT fluid temperature shouldn’t go above 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does burnt fluid cause Subaru transmission to overheat?

Burnt or ineffective automatic transmission fluid can cause transmission overheating. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most common signs of automatic transmission overheating.

If the AT fluid gives off a burning smell, you should have the transmission fluid changed. You can identify ineffective automatic transmission by its dark brown color and the loss of fluid viscosity.

Synthetic AT fluid offers greater transmission protection under high temperatures. It’s also more resistant to cold and wear and longer-lasting.

Does low transmission fluid levels cause overheating?

Low automatic transmission fluid levels can cause overheating. It’s very simple, if the AT doesn’t have sufficient fluid, the transmission won’t have sufficient fluid pressure to operate. And as a result, your automatic transmission will overheat.

It’s easy to check the AT fluid with a transmission dipstick. If the fluid level is low, you can add more. Just make sure you check your Subaru owner’s manual to add the AT fluid recommended by the manufacturer.

Does transmission slipping result in overheating?

Transmission slipping could result in overheating. This generally happens when fluid is dirty, burnt, or the level is low. Other reasons include broken transmission bands, issues with the clutches, or worn gears, but these instances are rare.

If your Subaru’s automatic transmission is slipping, you should take it to a Subaru service center to have it checked out. Slipping can also indicate hot transmission due to bad AT oil.

Would a defective solenoid cause a Subaru AT OIL TEMP?

A defective solenoid would result in your automatic transmission overheating. The solenoid is a critical electrical component that regulates fluid flow to the AT.

If the solenoid malfunctions, not enough fluid passes to the transmission, resulting in transmission overheating. A defective solenoid may be fixed by replacing the failed circuitry. But often, the only way to fix an erratic part is to replace the defective solenoid.


A/T OIL TEMP is a warning light on Subaru models. This warning light indicates that the AT transmission fluid is above normal temperature. It’s warning you that if you continue to run your Subaru, it could result in transmission failure and an expensive repair bill.

Don’t drive your car when the transmission fluid is hot. Overheating could be an easy fix if you stop your car and get to the bottom of the issue. But if you continue to drive your Subaru without having the problem diagnosed and repaired, you could destroy your automatic transmission.