If you want to quit your job, you can do so by sending a text message. Communicating through text messaging is normal, and many people have used it to quit their job.

So, it’s no real surprise that countless people quit through a text message. If you are unhappy in your job and want to quit, why not use this quick and efficient way to resign?

But the question is: “How to quit a job you have over text?” You can quit your job over text. It may not be the most professional, but many people choose to quit via text message.

Let’s find out how to quit your job by sending a text message.

Can you quit your job by text?

You can quit via text. If you want to quit your job, you can do so with a simple text message. Whether you’re leaving your first job out of college or a job you’ve had for years, you can quit with a text message. But, remember that quitting your job via text is not a formal method for ending your employment. Many people choose a more formal method of quitting, such as an email or a printed resignation letter. Quitting through text is more acceptable if you work in a seasonal or temp job. Employers don’t expect you to give a two-week notice when you are temping. But, if you are quitting a full-time job, it is more professional to avoid quitting via text message. If you choose a more formal approach, your employer will appreciate it. Related posts:

  And, if you’re quitting a toxic work environment, no one can blame you if you want to avoid quitting in person. Choosing to quit via text is understandable if you are trying to get out of a bad work situation. Most importantly, it is OK to notify your manager you quit over text. But make sure you keep it professional. In your text, thank your employer and inform them that you are quitting. You can also email your boss a letter of resignation. In this case, your text will serve as the preliminary notice to your employer about your intent to leave your job before you submit a formal resignation letter to HR. But, before you quit, you should understand your employment contract and the relevant clauses regarding its termination.

What to include in the text message when I quit my job?

In your text message, include a sentence stating that you quit your job. Also, give the date of the last day you want to work. Keep your message short. Also, make sure you include everything you want to say in one text. Before you send the text, proofread it. Make sure you omit all profanities. Keep your message clean and professional.

Should I quit over text?

You shouldn’t quit over text. It’s not only unprofessional to quit a job over a text message, but it’s also disrespectful. Employers expect their employees to communicate professionally. If your employer has treated you with respect, you should quit your job by submitting a resignation letter. It’s more professional to submit a letter of resignation instead of a text. If you want to quit as a professional, don’t quit via text message. It may harm your reputation, and it will likely prevent you from getting your old job back. So, don’t burn any bridges by quitting your job via text.

Quitting in an unprofessional manner may hurt your long-term job prospects in the future. Still, there are times when your only option is to quit via text. You may not have access to email, or you may have to quit in a hurry. You may have to notify your boss via text message if you have no other options. Personal emergencies may prompt you to resign via text message. Let’s face it; texting is some of the fastest forms of communication. And it’s also more reliable than email or traditional mail.  

How to quit via text message professionally?

With a little effort, you can quit professionally via text. Even if you are upset or feel wronged, leaving your job on good terms is best. If you resign from your job via text message, take time to write a short but professional note. A one-sentence text message such as “I quit” isn’t appropriate. It may feel good in the heat of the moment, but you can do better. Your text message should be respectful. If you are furious about your boss, you should wait a little before writing your message.

Give yourself time to process what happened. And if, after a while, you still feel the need to quit, write a short but professional message about your intent to resign from your job. Your text message should show respect. Write a short but thoughtful message that communicates your reasons for quitting your job. Use simple language to describe the situation. You don’t need to write a long, detailed message. Stick to the point. Show your gratitude for the job. You can even thank your boss for the opportunity to work together.

Close your text message by apologizing for quitting over a text message. You can share your reason for sending your resignation via text. If you explain your reasons for quitting through text, your boss might be more understanding. Keeping your message professional will show your manager that you’re aware of the misgivings about quitting by sending a text. But, most importantly, be polite and respectful. Even if you choose to quit via text, your boss will be more understanding if you keep it respectful. Therefore, it’s important to keep the tone of your message polite. Make an effort to sound as respectful as possible.

Sample text message to quit your job

Keep in mind that every situation is different. What and how you will write in your text message depends on your own unique situation.

Here’s an example of a text message resignation to a manager:

Hi “Name of your boss,” I wanted to let you know that I’m resigning from “Job Title” effective “Date.” (Optional)Due to personal reasons, I have to resign from “Name of company.” I apologize for resigning via text, but I wanted to let you know as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and support. I will also email a copy of this message to HR. “Your first and last name”

Is resignation by text legal?

It may be legal to resign by text, but it’s not the most professional. Many believe quitting by text is the equivalent of “burning bridges.” You never know when you might need a job again. And even if you don’t have any intentions of returning to a job you quit, you may need to use the job as a reference for a future job. Resignation via text is considered immature. If you decide to quit by sending a text message, you can say goodbye to getting a positive reference from your employer.