Many companies have a list of customers who’ve already arranged for snow removal ahead of time, so the contractor comes out as soon as the snow falls. Those customers will get their driveways cleared first as opposed to someone who calls at the last minute.

If you’re interested in this type of arrangement, here are a few things to consider:

  • Coverage: Does the company have insurance against damage?
  • Get an estimate: Have someone come out and take a look at your driveway and walkways.
  • Cost: Is it a flat rate, based on the depth of snow, or by trip?

If you want to dig out yourself, there are many types of equipment you can use. Popular ones include gas and electric snow blowers. Both differ in price and efficiency, so choose which one fits your needs best. And if you enjoy physical labor, there’s the good old-fashioned snow shovel.

Still undecided about what option is best for you? Here are some snow removal alternatives to think about:

  • Do it yourself: If you own a truck, you could buy your own snowplow and attach it to your truck.
  • Friendly neighbors: Share a snow blower with the folks on your street.
  • Hire Help: Help a teenager on your block make a few extra bucks by hiring them to clear your paths.

Keep these factors in mind as your prepare for the winter season:

  • Your health: One of the most common injuries during the winter months is snow removal, so think safety first before grabbing that shovel!
  • Frequency of snow: If you live in an area that sees a lot of snow, you may want to hire a snow removal company or invest in a piece of equipment that will last through the years.
  • Snow Density: Slushier snow is more difficult to remove and may pose problems to your snowblower.