There is no better way to grow your construction business than designing a great website. If you are ready to take your construction business to the next level, you have to have a better website than your competition. Set up a time to talk with a professional web designer, to make sure that your website helps you reach your business goals. Using a good web designer will be paramount in this next step for your construction business. So let’s explore the world of possibilities in what you must have for a construction business website.

#1 – Hire a Web Designer

If you want your website done right, you must hire a professional web designer for the job. It is money well spent. Your website is an investment in the future of your business. If you build it yourself or hire a random person, you could be missing out on a lot of potential business down the road.

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#2 – Great Domain Name

The first step in website design is the domain name. The domain name is your website address, so you want it to closely resemble your actual business name. An easy to remember domain name for your website will be crucial for customers to be able to remember you online. It’s a good idea to invest a little extra and register your domain name for several years. This will allow you to continue growing your web presence without worrying about someone else buying up rights to your name.

You will also want to avoid using any unusual spellings or punctuation in your website name. The shorter and easier it is to remember the higher the chance clients will go directly there. Avoid numbers and hyphens in your domain name, to avoid potential confusion. You can choose from many companies that offer domain name registration. It makes sense to register your domain name for at least a five-year term. Don’t pay for hosting or any other services when you register your domain name. A web designer for construction business may be able to recommend where to look for the best options.

#3 – Write Outstanding Website Content

The type of content you want for your website needs to be relatively easy to comprehend. Your history and experience will set you apart from any other website for a construction business. You need to let your prospective clients know what they can expect from hiring you. Site navigation options should be limited. You want your clients to find the correct page with fewest clicks. Consumers will be looking for specifics on what your construction company will offer. Providing a few testimonials and linking past work will put their minds at ease. It’s okay to be well compensated for your time and expertise. Don’t be afraid to give price ranges for certain types of jobs, even if they are expensive. Giving your clients the information they want will allow them to hire you knowing what they will receive.

#4 – SEO

The essentials for a construction website also include search engine optimization (SEO). A high listing on search engines is a big part of driving potential clients to your website. Make sure the web designer you hire to build your construction website is capable of this. Ask them if they include keywords and for examples of how they got other construction companies to rank using SEO. This information is also important if you already have a website for a construction company, and are looking to rebuild it. Take some time and look at other companies websites that the web designer has built. You want to feel secure knowing that who you hire will bring you more business.

#5 – Testimonials

Social media and mass awareness are helpful for a website for construction companies. It won’t hurt to have this extra outlet, but you don’t need to worry so much about reaching everyone at every moment. Focus on one or two social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Blog posts and well-written articles can be way more helpful at bringing in the right kind of clients. Additionally, you can get involved in charity projects, donating time or materials to projects local to your business. This allows your work ethic and talent to be seen. Clients also respond favorably to positive feedback given by others who have hired you. You should include customer testimonials on multiple areas of your construction company website.

#6 – Show Contact Information

On your site layout, you will want to include contact information that is visible on every page. Potential clients may not want to wait for email communication. Getting your client on the phone as soon as possible will increase your likelihood of hooking said, the client. Not having this information on every page is a marketing no-no for a construction website. In addition, marketing mishaps may come about in several ways. Most search engines will have trouble finding a Flash-animated website. You may have an excellent and well-made video with multiple pages that are in an automatic loop. This will limit your opportunities to be found with keyword-rich text that should be in the body of the web page. Visuals and pictures are great, you could even have a video walk through, but you want to keep it limited.

#7 – Focus on Top of the Fold

Keep the most significant information towards the top of the pages. That area of your website is called the top of the fold. Keeping consistent fonts and sizes will also be a benefit that attracts clients. A light-colored or white background with large-sized font is easiest to read. Keeping your information up to date will not only keep the website looking fresh, but it will showcase current achievements for your company. It’s great that you built a large deck or spectacular house 20 years ago, but what is recent? Clients will want to see the progress of your company over time as well as new and relevant content.

#8 – Test

Here are a few more things that your construction website must contain. Cross-browser compatibility, you will want to make sure that your website is easy to read and navigate in multiple browsers. Additionally it will look more professional to have a private e-mail address that links back to the company’s name. As in you don’t want to use free e-mail address hosts (Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.) You also want to take into consideration the time it takes to load a page. The more content you have on a page the longer it takes to load. Load time should be minimal. The longer a prospective client has to wait to get information, the less likely they will be to stay on your site.

Take the time and money to create a construction website that is unique and showcases what you can do for the client. Doing this will bring you the clients you are looking for, without the hassle of knocking door-to-door.