Counting the total number of bridges in the world may be difficult at best and impossible at worst. Before we even begin to find an answer, we need to answer some critical questions:

  • What qualifies as a bridge?
  • Does any structure built to span a physical obstacle count as a bridge?
  • Should we count a wood plank connecting two sides of a three-foot-wide creek?
  • Are we referring to bridges that are wide enough to support car traffic?
  • What about pedestrian bridges?

The sheer number of bridges around the world and the constantly fluctuating number of them make this a complicated question. To get an exact number of bridges, we would need to take a snapshot of the surface of the earth. Of course, taking the snapshot is the easy part. Counting the bridges would be a monumental undertaking. And by the time we had an exact count, the number would be incorrect. There would be new bridges built, and old ones disappeared.

What are the most famous bridges in the world?

Brides are famous for several reasons. Some bridges are famous because of their location. Others are famous because of their size, age, or design. Many bridges become famous because crazy stories are surrounding them.

The following are the most famous bridges in the world:

  • Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, USA
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia
  • Tower Bridge – London, United Kingdom
  • Szechenyi Chain Bridge – Budapest, Hungary
  • Ponte Vecchio – Florence, Italy
  • Gateshead Millennium Bridge – London, United Kingdom
  • Stari Most – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy
  • Pont du Gard Aqueduct – Gard, France
  • Tsing Ma Bridge – Hong Kong, China
  • Great Belt Bridge –  Zealand, Denmark
  • Royal Gorge Bridge – Cañon City, USA
  • Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge – São Paulo, Brazil
  • The Confederation Bridge – Borden-Carlton, Canada
  • Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge – Kobe, Japan
  • Vasco da Gama Bridge – Lisbon, Portugal
  • Hangzhou Bay Bridge – Jiaxing, China
  • Brooklyn Bridge – New York, USA
  • Seri Wawasan Bridge – Putrajaya, Malaysia
  • Millau Viaduct – Millau, France
  • Nanpu Bridge – Shanghai, China
  • Russky Bridge – Russky Island, Russia
  • Khaju Bridge – Isfahan, Iran
  • Jiaozhou Bay Bridge – Qingdao, China
  • Lupu Bridge – Shanghai, China
  • The Helix Bridge – Marina Bay, Singapore
  • Magdeburg Water Bridge – Magdeburg, Germany
  • Tilikum Crossing – Portland, USA
  • Charles Bridge – Prague,  Czechia
  • Bay Bridge, Oakland, USA
  • Slauerhoff Bridge – Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
  • Capilano Cliffwalk – North Vancouver, Canada
  • The Wind and Rain Bridge – Sanjian, China
  • Sunniberg Bridge – Klosters, Switzerland
  • New Brunswick Heartland Bridge – New Brunswick, Canada

What are the most beautiful bridges in the world?

When it comes to learning about a city or a culture, travelers should look no further than its magnificent bridges. There can be beauty in something as practical as a bridge. Whether it is an ancient aqueduct or a space-age marvel, a bridge can become the jewel of its surroundings. Although not all bridges are beautiful, those that are beautiful become some of the most iconic landmarks, and millions flock to see them each year.

The following bridges are considered among the most beautiful in the world:

  • Szechenyi Chain Bridge – Budapest, Hungary
  • Ponte Di Rialto – Venice, Italy
  • Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, USA
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia
  • Tower Bridge – London, United Kingdom
  • Ponte Vecchio – Florence, Italy
  • Brooklyn Bridge – New York, USA
  • Forth Bridge – Edinburgh, Scottland
  • Charles Bridge – Prague, Czechia
  • Millau Viaduct – Millau, France
  • Helix Bridge – Singapore

How many kinds of bridges are there all over the world?

For thousands of years, bridges served humanity. From the earliest civilizations to the present, bridges have served an important role. There are many different types of bridges in the world.

Arch Bridges

Humans all over the world have been building arch bridges for millennia. The ancient Greeks and Romans were expert arch bridge builders. The arch bridge is the most architecturally distinctive type of bridge. The arch is the feature that makes this type of bridge strong. Its most distinctive structural component, the arch, is always located below the bridge. Arch bridges can be constructed with a minimum of one arch, but they can be built with multiple arches.

What is the longest arch bridge in the world?

Chaotianmen Bridge, located in China, is the longest steel arch bridge in the world.

Tied Arch Bridges

Tied arch bridges, often called bowstring bridges or bowstring arches, look similar to arch bridges. This type of bridge transfers the weight of the load to the top chord that is connected to the bottom cords in the foundation. Tied arch bridges are some of the most beautiful. Unfortunately, they are expensive to repair and maintain.

Cantilever Bridges

Although cantilever bridges look similar to arch bridges, they are built with different technology.  Cantilever bridges support their load through diagonal bracing with horizontal beams supported only on one end.

Truss Bridges

Truss bridges are also popular. They are usually built with a diagonal mesh. Due to its design, a truss bridge can endure heavy loads and stronger forces than other types of bridges.

Beam Bridges

It is the simplest type of bridge. Each bean bridge contains one or multiple horizontal beams. Beam bridges are some of the oldest bridges constructed by humans. In the past, humans dropped logs over creeks, ditches, and narrow rivers. Modern beam bridges are separated into plate girder bridges, box girder bridges, girder bridges, simple beam bridges, and box girder bridges. There are fixed and movable truss bridges. Some of the standard build materials are steel, timber, iron, prestressed concrete, and steel-reinforced concrete.

Suspension Bridges

Spreading ropes and cables are dominating features of suspension bridges. Today, suspension bridges are very popular around the world. In ancient times, vines or ropes were used to construct this type of bridge. They are very flexible and respond well to vibrations caused by wind or earthquake. The Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, California, is one of the most famous suspension bridges in the world.

Cable-Stayed Bridges

Cable-stayed bridges use deck cables that are connected to pylons. Even though cable-stayed bridges use cable, it is a very different type of construction. This type of bridge is ideal for medium and long distances. The most common build materials used on cable-stayed bridges are post-tensioned concrete, concrete or steel pylons, steel rope, and box girders. Although the Brooklyn Bridge is technically a suspension bridge, it also has components of the cable-stayed design.

Fixed Bridges

Most bridges are fixed bridges. That means that there are no movable parts in fixed bridges. They are engineered to stay in place until they are demolished.

Movable Bridges

Movable bridges are hybrid structures. They contain fixed and temporary features. Movable bridges offer the modularity and flexibility of temporary bridges. Movable bridges are designed to move-out-of-the-way as needed, to allow ships or any other type of under deck traffic through. London Bridge is the most famous movable bridge in the world.

Temporary Bridges

Temporary bridges are made of modular elements that can be moved with minimal construction. This type of bridge is popular with military operations. Temporary bridges are not intended as permanent structures.


A viaduct is a bridge or a connected series of bridges. Viaducts are ideal for connecting two points together that are of the same height. They are built over valleys, water, canyons, and gorges.

All viaducts are bridges, but not all bridges are viaducts.

Viaducts are popular in railroad centers such as Chicago, London, and Atlanta.

What is the longest bridge in the world?

Currently, the longest bridge in the world is Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge. It is located in China. The bridge is part of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, and it 102.4 miles (165 kilometers) long. Technically, it is a viaduct. The Langfang–Qingxian viaduct spans 70.8 miles (114 kilometers).

The longest mega-bridge in the world opened in 2011. It took only four years to build. The Brooklyn Bridge took 14 years to build, starting in 1869 and ending in 1883.

The second-longest bridge in the world is also located in China.

What are some of the most unique bridges around the world?

Some bridges are merely created to connect two points. But a small percentage of bridges are truly unique structures. They are a testament to human creativity.

Here are the most unique bridges in the world:

  • Pont Gustave-Flaubert – France
  • Sundial Bridge – United States
  • Langkawi Sky Bridge – Malaysia
  • Oresund Bridge – Denmark
  • Henderson Waves Bridge – Singapore
  • Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge – Brazil
  • Da Vinci Bridge – Norway
  • Puente de la Mujer – Argentina
  • Evergreen Point Floating Bridge – United States
  • The Slauerhoffbrug – also known as the “Flying Drawbridge” – Netherlands
  • Moses Bridge – Netherlands
  • Khaju Bridge – Iran
  • Banpo Bridge – South Korea
  • Gateshead Millennium Bridge – United Kingdom
  • Chengyang Bridge – China
  • Heatherwick Studio’s Rolling Bridge – United Kingdom
  • Hangzhou Bay Bridge – China
  • Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge – Brazil

What is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world?

The Charles Kuonen suspension bridge in Switzerland is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. The Charles Kuonen spans 494 meters, and it is 140 feet off the ground.

What is the longest pedestrian bridge in the United States?

The longest pedestrian bridge in the USA is located in Tennessee. It is called the Gatlinburg SkyBridge. The bridge spans 680 feet.

What are the most dangerous bridges in the world?

  • Vitim River Bridge – Russia – Only a few people have crossed this bridge and survived. This bridge is iced over most of the year, which makes it extra dangerous.
  • Royal Gorge Bridge – USA – The bridge was built in 1929 and remained the highest bridge (955 feet or 291 meters) in the world until 2001.
  • Ghasa – Nepal – Even though this bridge has been poorly constructed, it remains a busy bridge for both humans and cattle.
  • Marienbrucke – Germany – Located in the Alps, and it is built to connect two cliffs together.
  • Langkawi Sky Bridge – Malaysia – The bridge deck is 2,170 (660 meters) above sea level.
  • Trift Bridge – Switzerland – It is 180 meters long and 110 meters high.
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge – Canada – This suspension bridge is 450 feet long and 230 feet high. It is considered the most dangerous hanging bridge in the world.
  • Aiguille du Midi – France – You will have to climb to 12,600 feet above sea level to cross this bridge.

Which is the strongest bridge in the world?

The Rolling Bridge in London is deemed to be the strongest bridge in the world. It is a truss bridge, and it was built in 2004.

What is the longest floating bridge in the world?

The longest floating bridge is located in Seattle, USA. It is connecting Seattle with Bellevue across Lake Washington. The bridge has a span of 7,710 feet.

What is the longest car bridge in the world?

The longest car bridge in the world is the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway. It is 48,500 meters long. It was completed in 2019, located in Kuwait.

Which city has the most bridges in the world?

Hamburg, Germany, has more than 2,300 bridges. There is no city in the world with more bridges. Amsterdam has an impressive 1,281 bridges.

What is the most expensive bridge to cross?

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia costs drivers $30 round trip. China also has the longest and highest bridges in the world.

How many bridges are there in China?

China has over 1 million modern bridges.

What is the longest bridge in Europe?

The longest bridge in Europe is the Vasco da Gama bridge. It is located in Lisbon, Portugal. The Vasco da Gama spans 10.7 miles (17.2 kilometers).

What are some fascinating facts about bridges?

There are more than 600,000 bridges in the United States. China has more modern bridges than any other country in the world. Many bridges go nowhere.  The biggest reason that these bridges go no place is that they were never completed.

Stone bridges can be as stable as steel bridges. Most bridges are made of steel and concrete, but some are built of glass. The average age of American bridges is 40 years old. It is no surprise that one out of four U.S. bridges is structurally deficient or obsolete.