Have you ever owned a cat that smelled like maple syrup? It can be strange to see your pet, who has never eaten pancakes or waffles, smelling like this very distinctive scent. Why does your cat smell like maple syrup?

While it may sound funny, there are many reasons why this happens, some of them are harmless and others should be treated by a veterinarian immediately. Here’s what you need to know about your cat’s maple syrup smell and how to deal with it if you notice it in your pet or someone else’s cat.

Why does my cat smell like maple syrup?

To figure out why your cat smells like maple syrup, we have to look at what makes cats smell like anything. Cats secrete pheromones through their glands in order to communicate with each other through scent.

As far as we know, cats don’t have specific pheromones that make them smell like any particular thing — in other words. There isn’t a special cat pheromone that makes you smell like maple syrup. So if your cat smells a little different today than usual, it’s not because they decided to take up drinking diet soda.

Why does my cat’s fur smell like maple syrup?

Ever noticed your cat smells like maple syrup? If you have, you’re not alone. This is a fairly common complaint among cat owners, and veterinarians will tell you it’s because of something called feline dilute dysfunction.

Cats with dilute dysfunction lack an enzyme that helps break down a substance known as amino acid phenylalanine. The result is that their urine has a distinct sweet smell (think maple syrup) and often even taste, which then transfers to their fur or skin as they groom themselves. Don’t worry: most cats with feline dilute dysfunction live long, healthy lives without any other symptoms or complications.

Why does cat pee smell like maple syrup?

Cats are notorious for urinating outside their litter box. Most likely, a cat smells like maple syrup because they aren’t able to reach or use their litter box properly, resulting in a mess. If your kitty isn’t using his/her litter box and is instead peeing all over your floors, there are steps you can take to make him/her stop.

There are times when a cat will have a health problem that might cause them to not use their litter box properly. However, cats who don’t use their litter box often have behavioral problems that could be fixed with a little bit of training and patience.

Maple syrup smell and urine disease in cats

If your cat smells like maple syrup, it may be a medical reason. A rare urine disease usually causes the smell in cats called feline hyperesthesia syndrome or FHS. In general, dogs and cats have odorless urine, but any kind of stress—emotional or physical—can cause their bodies to produce sugars and proteins in their urine.

If you see sudden changes in your pet’s behavior or even blood on his/her urine after experiencing emotional stressors, take him/her to see a vet immediately because these are clear indicators that he has FHS.