When you cook food at the correct temperature, it will be great every time. But even if you have a great recipe, it won’t help you if you don’t cook at the right temperature. But, what is the correct cooking temperature for home cooking? Recipes for home cooking generally require medium heat.

So, what temperature is medium heat?

Medium heat, between 300 and 400 Fahrenheit, is the temperature for cooking mouth-watering home-cooked meals.

Unfortunately, medium heat is still a mystery for many home cooks. No matter how long we have been cooking, for most of us, it’s difficult to tell if we are cooking at medium heat or not. As you are reading this blog post, you might also be confused about how to tell if your stove top or pan has reached medium heat.

If you set your stove to medium heat, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be cooking at medium heat. Setting one stove to medium heat could result in hotter or cooler cooking temperatures than other stoves.

Here I share some information based on my research regarding cooking at medium heat on stoves, griddles, gas and electric stoves, pans and grills.

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What is considered medium heat cooking temperature?

Medium cooking temperature isn’t just a setting on your stove. The medium setting on every cooking appliance is just a setting, but it doesn’t guarantee a specific temperature.

If you set your stove to medium heat, the temperature may be only 300 Fahrenheit. And your neighbor’s stove at medium might get as high as 375 Fahrenheit. One thing is sure; all cooking appliances have different levels of power.

On one stove, you might turn the dial to the medium setting, and on another, you might set the digital control to 5 out of 10. Either way, the stovetop temperature will range from 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the same as 150 degrees Celsius to 205 degrees Celsius.

What temperature is medium-high on a grill? If you want to set your griddle to high medium heat, you will want to aim for a temperature between 320 degrees Fahrenheit and 375 Fahrenheit, which is the same as 160 degrees Celsius to 190 degrees Celsius.

Medium heat is ideal for cooking through or preheating some kitchen tools to cook at higher temperatures later.

The cooking temperature must be high enough so that the food, like fried potatoes, can be beautifully brown within a few minutes. At the same time, the heat must also be low enough not to burn the ingredients in the pan.

Normally, the medium temperature is between 300 to 400 Fahrenheit which is the same as 149 to 204 Celsius. This range varies from stoves to griddles to ovens to grills.

What temperature is medium heat?

Medium heat temperature is 350 Fahrenheit.

How can I tell if I am cooking at medium temperature?

You can tell if you are cooking at medium temperature. A good way to determine if your pan is at medium heat is to drop a couple of drops of water on the pan.

You can use a spoon or your hand to drop a few water droplets into the pen. Make sure the pan is clean. There should be no grease or oil in the pan before adding the water droplets to the pan.

If the water droplets sizzle and evaporate within a few seconds, you are cooking with medium heat. You are looking for a gentle sizzling sound. But if the sizzling is aggressive, your pan is hotter than medium, and you should slightly turn the heat down.

Once the temperature is at medium heat, you are ready to stir-fry vegetables or fry eggs.

What temperature is medium heat on a skillet?

Medium heat on a skillet is 350 Fahrenheit.

Is medium heat the best temperature for cooking eggs?

Medium heat is the best temperature for cooking eggs. For fried eggs, omelets or scrambled eggs, you should add the oil to the frying pan only once the pan reaches medium heat.

Most egg dishes require medium-high heat. You can use a thermometer to check the cooking temperature. But, if you are a professional cook or chef, you might use the palm of your hand. Of course, this isn’t recommended in home cooking environments.

An experienced chef knows how to do this without burning her hand. But, you should use a thermometer to make sure you are cooking at medium heat.

If the oil is smoking in the pan, the temperature is above medium heat.

What temperature is medium heat on a grill?

Medium heat on a grill is 325 Fahrenheit.

Medium Heat on A Grill

Temperature is the key to every grilling or smoking technique. Consequently, every recipe is calling for a different method and cooking temperature.

For example, if you grill a steak at temperature that’s too high, you will burn the meat on the outside before it’s cooked inside. If the cooking temperature is too low, you will under cook your steak.

According to experts, most types of beef require the grill surface temperature to be at medium heat of 300 to 400 Fahrenheit.

Most modern grills have a built-in digital thermometer. And the thermometer helps you make sure you are cooking at the correct temperature.

If there is no thermometer in the stove, you can purchase one. Just preheat the grill and check the temperature regularly.

Medium-low heat on a grill

Medium-low heat on a grill is between 275 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an ideal temperature for many popular dishes.

Medium-high heat on a grill

A medium-high heat on a grill is the temperature from 325 to 400 Fahrenheit. It is a good cooking heat for foods like seafood, vegetables, burgers, and poultry.

What temperature is medium heat on a stove?

The medium heat on a stove is 350 Fahrenheit. So, medium heat on a stove is 350 degrees.

What temperature is medium heat on an electric skillet?

Medium heat on an electric skillet is 300 Fahrenheit. So, medium heat on an electric skillet is only 300 degrees.

Medium Heat on An Electric Skillet

Another kitchen appliance is the electric skillet, an interesting combination of cooking and frying pans.

Rather than the heat from the stove, the skillet runs on electricity to generate even heat on both faces. You should set the heat level in advance based on the cooking purpose.

The medium heat temperature on an electric skillet is about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This medium heat is also suitable for deep-frying vegetables and meat.

To accomplish this, an electric skillet comes with a responsive temperature control feature. It is generally a control showing all the temperature gauges so you can track and adjust the desired heat as wanted.

What temperature is medium heat on an electric stove?

Medium heat on an electric stove is 300 Fahrenheit. So, medium heat on an electric stove is only 300 degrees.

Medium-low heat on a stove

Medium-low is from two to three on your stove’s knob. Most stovetops are incorrectly calibrated. Your job is to experiment with different settings until you find the medium-low heat.

Medium Heat on An Electric Stove

An electric stove has settings from low to high. So, many people assume that medium heat equals to setting the stove control in the middle position.

But, turning the knob in the middle position might not produce medium heat.

For example, the stove might have settings between one and ten, but five might not result in 350 degrees Fahrenheit which is medium heat.

Theoretically, it should be medium heat, but it is mostly above or below medium heat. This happens because stoves can be miscalibrated due to wear or damage.

Also, levels of heat vary by manufacturer. You should check the manual to confirm. But, really the only way to know is by checking with a thermometer.

Medium-high heat on an electric stove

The medium heat temp of an electric stove is from five to six, and the high heat temperature is seven and above.

What temperature is medium heat on a gas stove?

Medium heat on a gas stove is 300 Fahrenheit. So, medium heat on a gas stove is only 300 degrees.

Medium Heat on Gas Stove

Gas stoves generally feature a wider range of temperatures than electric stoves. The maximum heat on gas stoves can go above 550 degrees Fahrenheit, while the self-cleaning process can push the temperature to 999.86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, the medium temperature falls between 250 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lower-end gas stoves have neither a digital screen nor a thermometer. So you can not know the temperature without using a thermometer.

Turn the knob halfway between MAX and the OFF setting for medium heat as a starting point.

What temperature is medium heat on a stove top?

The medium heat on a stove top is 350 Fahrenheit. So, medium heat on a stove top is 350 degrees.

What temperature is medium heat on a griddle?

The medium heat on a griddle is 350 Fahrenheit. So, medium heat on a griddle is 350 degrees.

Medium Heat on A Griddle

A grill or griddle helps prepare a quick and delicious breakfast. Since the cooking surface of a griddle is evenly heated, it is ideal for making pancakes, French toast, eggs, brisket, or smoked bacon.

But remember to cook at medium heat to keep stable heat on point.

The favorable temperature, both the internal doneness and outer caramelization, is 350 degrees Fahrenheit for eggs; hot dogs; muffins; toast to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for crepes, burgers, or steak.

To make sure the heat is exactly at medium heat, it’s best to use a thermal surface pen.

Medium-high heat on a griddle

The medium-high heat on a griddle is about 375 degrees Fahrenheit. For example, you could bake crepes or corn tortillas on a griddle at this temperature.

What temperature is medium-low heat?

Medium-low heat is sub-300-degree temperature. This is the best temperature for slow cooking such as barbecue. Medium-low temperature is ideal for indirect grilling, particularly for a pork shoulder.

This temperature setting will provide perfect meat while still retaining its natural juices.

What temperature is medium-high heat?

Medium-high heat is about 375 to 450 Fahrenheit or 190 to 232 Celsius and is between medium and high heat temperatures. It is good for various grilling types, such as salt slab grilling, direct grilling, indirect grilling, and smoke-roasting.

Some suitable foods with medium-high heat include vegetables, planked fish, frying eggs, and chicken pieces. And oils such as corn, peanut, or soybean oil are perfect for medium heat cooking.

So medium-high temperature is usually from five to eight. About nine to high is the highest temp, and it can destroy your food and pan.

Conclusion: What temperature is medium heat?

In general, 350 degrees is considered medium heat. But, when we talk about medium heat, we are talking about a range of temperatures. So, temperatures between 325 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit can be considered medium heat.

But, it’s safe to say that there is no exact number. It depends on who you ask.

Medium heat isn’t a setting on a stove, grill or smoker. It’s a temperature. And the only way to know is by using a thermometer. So, you shouldn’t just rely on turning the knob between high and low. You need to check the temperature, just to be sure.