If you search online long enough, you can find some outrageous claims about squirrels. Some people claim that squirrels could fall from the edge of the stratosphere and survive. Can a squirrel really survive a fall from the stratosphere? When I read something this crazy, I want to know, “Can squirrels die from falling?”

Squirrels can die from falling. But they rarely die from a fall because squirrels have a low terminal velocity. Thus, squirrels are more likely to survive a fall than most other animals.

A squirrel is much more likely killed by predators such as hawks, eagles, owls, martens, skunks, minks, snakes, raccoons, and even dogs and cats than a fall.

Can squirrels die from falling?

Squirrels can die from falling, but they can survive falls that would kill other mammals. Falling is very dangerous for most mammals, but not so much for squirrels.

Because squirrels are small and light, they have little pull from gravity. And due to their build, such as puffy tails and stretchy furry bodies, squirrels experience a lot of drag. As a result, their terminal velocity is surprisingly low.

Therefore, squirrels can survive falls at their terminal velocity that would be fatal to other animals. Because of this, no matter how high a squirrel falls from, there is a good chance it will survive.

How many squirrels die from falling?

Virtually no squirrels die from falling as long as they hit normal ground. A squirrel will not die from a fall when hitting the soft ground. It may suffer a slight shock, but the animal will walk away.

The reason squirrels survive falls that would kill other animals is resistance to falling. A squirrel’s resistance to falling is about ten times greater than the force of the fall. As a result, a fall would never kill a squirrel, regardless of how high the drop is.

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Can squirrels die from falling out of a tree?

Squirrels can die from plunging out of a tree, but it’s rare. As long as they hit grass or some shrubbery, most squirrels would survive a tumble from a tree.

Many people have witnessed squirrels fall from 60 to 80 feet tall trees. And in many cases, the squirrels survived the fall. But, surviving a plunge isn’t the same as getting away with a fall without injury. Even if a squirrel survives a fall from a very tall tree, it doesn’t mean it gets away with it injury-free.

How long does a squirrel have to fall to die?

Because the terminal velocity of squirrels is low, they can fall from great heights and survive. It isn’t the fall that kills squirrels but how they fall and land.

If they hit soft ground flat, they will survive plunging from very tall trees or even buildings. But if they fall on concrete, rock, something sharp, or a swimming pool, they can suffer fatal injuries due to a fall. You might see a squirrel run off after a big fall only to die a few yards away.

Can a squirrel survive a 200 ft drop?

Under the right conditions a squirrel can survive a 200 ft drop. Because squirrels can survive impacts at their terminal velocity, they can survive a fall from 200 ft or even more. The primary reason for such low terminal velocity is the squirrel’s body. The large area/mass ratio is why gravity isn’t pulling a squirrel with too much force to the ground.

It’s built to minimize the impact of the fall. Their tail serves as a parachute, softening the impact of a 200 ft drop.

Can a squirrel survive a fall from a plane?

A squirrel may survive a fall from a plane, but it’s unlikely. It’s almost impossible for a squirrel to survive a fall from a jet plane. The squirrel would be frozen by the time a jet reaches its cruising altitude.

But a squirrel may survive falling from a small airplane. As long as the squirrel falls on a soft surface, plunging from a plane may be survivable. And if the squirrel falls on a freeway, the ocean, or a rocky area, it won’t survive the fall.

Can a squirrel survive a fall from the empire state building?

A squirrel can survive a fall from the empire state building. Due to its terminal velocity, a squirrel can survive plunging from even a building as high as the empire state building.

How often do squirrels fall to their death?

Squirrels rarely fall to their death. But, they are susceptible to injuries due to falling. Due to their low terminal velocity, squirrels rarely fall to their death.

Squirrels are more likely to die when they hit hard surfaces like rocks or concrete instead of grass or soft shrubbery. Their body weight and small elastic size help squirrels avoid death when plunging from great heights.

Squirrel terminal velocity

The justification for a squirrel surviving a fall that would kill a human or another animal is terminal velocity. Due to its weight, size, and build, a squirrel reaches terminal velocity incredibly fast. This means that the squirrel will stop accelerating downward once it hits terminal velocity.

The squirrel’s furry body, lightweight, furry tail acts like a parachute. Its body limits the squirrel’s falling speed. More importantly, it keeps the falling speed of the squirrel below the speed of a fatal drop.

Can squirrels fall to their death?

Squirrels can fall to their death, but they can survive huge drops. Due to their body weight, size, and furry tail and shape, squirrels have a relatively low terminal velocity. The result is their rate of fall is slow enough to survive plunging from great heights.

Can squirrels die of fall damage?

Squirrels can die of fall damage. Even though squirrels can survive impacts at their terminal velocity, they may die of fall damage.

Can a fall kill a squirrel?

A fall can kill a squirrel, but it can easily survive a drop from a tree or a building.


Squirrels can survive some huge falls, but they aren’t invincible. These death-defying rodents rarely die after they take a plunge. The reason for their ability to survive a fall is low terminal velocity.