Squirrels get water anywhere they can find it. While squirrels drink water when they can, they can live in a dry habitat, getting all the moisture they need from the food they eat. They often drink water from road puddles, which is one of the reasons so many squirrels are hit by cars every year. So, where do squirrels get water?

In the wild, squirrels get water from the food they eat and from the underside of leaves, streams, rivers, creeks, lakes, and reservoirs. But, in cities, squirrels get water from pet bowls, pools, birdbaths, ponds, and even sewer pipes. If given the opportunity, squirrels will drink left over soft drinks, even though it may not be the healthiest source of moisture.

Do squirrels drink water?

Squirrels drink water, but they can also get their water from the foods they eat.

Do squirrels only drink water?

Squirrels don’t just drink water. If a squirrel is thirsty, it will drink energy drinks, beer, soft drinks, fruit juice and all kinds of sugary drinks, and even beer.

What kind of water do squirrels drink?

Squirrels will drink any kind of water. A squirrel will just as likely to drink from a dirty road puddle as bottled spring water. No water source is too dirty for these rodents.

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Where do squirrels get water?

Squirrels get water in many places. These tiny rodents can easily find water in the city or in the wild. Primarily, squirrels get water from sources with easy access. Besides easy access, squirrels search for water close to their nest. They need water sources that are safe from predators.

Normally, squirrels get water from the following sources:

  • The underside of leaves
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Outdoor faucets
  • Ponds
  • Puddles
  • Creeks
  • Pet bowls
  • Birdbaths
  • Fruits
  • Tree sap
  • Vegetables
  • Insects
  • Snow

Where do squirrels get water in the winter?

In winter, squirrels get water from birdbaths, pet bowls, creeks, lakes, rivers, ponds, dripping water fountains, outdoor faucets, and puddles. But, when it gets really cold in winter, and their normal water sources freeze over, squirrels get their water from eating snow.

Squirrels don’t store water the same way they store food like seeds, nuts, and grains. So, they have to find ways to get water even in winter.

Even in winter, squirrels get water from wet surfaces after it rains. Squirrels drink the water they find on trees and anywhere else they can find it.

How do squirrels get water in the wild?

In the wild, squirrels get water from lakes, creeks, reservoirs, puddles, streams, and rivers. But, they find some ingenious ways to get water. For example, squirrels use their strong front teeth to strip the bark off of trees. Once they remove the tree bark, they have access to the sweet, sugary sap running under the bark.

Squirrels also get water in the wild from eating leaves, roots, carrion, seeds, stems, cockroaches, caterpillars, and beetle larvae.

Where do city squirrels find water?

Squirrels find water all over the city. These small rodents find water in pet bowls, dripping outdoor faucets, swimming pools, dripping water fountains, birdbaths, road puddles.

Do squirrels need clean water?

Squirrels aren’t fussy about their water. They will drink muddy puddle water, and they don’t shy away from dirty water either. If they get access, don’t be surprised to find squirrels drinking from sewage pipes.

How much water squirrels need?

Squirrels need very little water. A squirrel can live on less than three ounces of water a day. Of course, a squirrel in a cold climate might be able to sustain itself on much less water, like one ounce. But in warm climates, a squirrel would need about three ounces of water.

Squirrels need more water during pregnancy and lactation.

How do squirrels get water in the summer?

In the summer, squirrels get water from pools, puddles, pet bowls, birdbaths, dripping water fountains, creeks, rivers, lakes, and ponds. Squirrels get water from anywhere they can find it in the summer.

Squirrels are pretty clever, and they watch where birds get their water. After a summer rain, squirrels have many options to get water. They drink from any surface that collects water.

And because squirrels don’t sweat – except for a few sweat glands on their feet – they don’t lose water to cool their bodies. Thus, they don’t need much more water when it’s hot outside.

Because squirrels have a high surface-to-mass ratio, they radiate heat extremely efficiently. As a result, these small rodents can tolerate a high internal temperature. Squirrels cool themselves with their tail (used for thermoregulation) and by licking their forearms, where the blood flow is high and the fur is thin.

Do water puddles give enough water for squirrels to drink?

Water puddles can give enough water for squirrels to drink. Your air conditioner creates a large enough water puddle to meet a squirrel’s water needs.

Do squirrels need water in winter?

Squirrels need water in winter too. And, on occasion, they eat snow to get water. But, until water freezes, squirrels get water from pet bowls, creeks, birdbaths, puddles, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

Should I put out water for squirrels?

You should put out water for squirrels if there isn’t a clean water source around your house. So, there is nothing wrong with putting out some water for squirrels if they can’t get it from their natural environment.

You can buy a squirrel feeder with a freshwater attachment. Another option is to set up a heated birdbath. Even in winter, a heated birdbath can be an excellent water source for squirrels.

How long can squirrels go without water?

A squirrel can go for two days without water. But, if the weather is hot, a squirrel might not last for two days without water. Squirrels have a very high gastrointestinal transit time and metabolism. Consequently, squirrels can be affected quickly and severely from dehydration.

So, how long a squirrel can make it without water has a lot to do with the environment and the food it eats. Food consumption may decrease the animal’s need for water.

In cold weather, a squirrel might go for a couple of days without access to water. But, in the summer heat, a rodent might not last that long. Unfortunately, many squirrels perish of dehydration in drought conditions.

Also, a squirrel during pregnancy and lactation cannot go as long as otherwise without water. To stay healthy, squirrels need to drink at least twice a day.

Some squirrels species can go longer without water, if they hibernate during winter. But, most squirrels aren’t winter hibernators, and they can’t go very long without moisture.

Young squirrels are especially sensitive to dehydration.

How do squirrels hydrate?

Squirrels hydrate by drinking water and through the food they eat. When squirrels eat plants, insects, fruits, vegetables, fungi, eggs, tree sap, and everything else, all of the moisture in the food is processed by the squirrel’s kidney system.

Squirrels also hydrate by licking the dew off leaves early in the morning. After it rains, these rodents drink water that collects in tree branches.

Do squirrels drink water from a bowl?

Squirrels drink water from a bowl. Many people leave water out for squirrels. It’s an easy water source for these favorite rodents of many homeowners.

But, squirrels also like to drink water from birdbaths. Some people leave a bucket full of water to hydrate these rodents.

How often do squirrels drink water?

Squirrels drink water several times a day. For a squirrel to survive, it will drink at least a couple of times each day. But during pregnancy or lactation, squirrels need more water.

In summer, when it’s hot, squirrels need water more often. But, if squirrels eat foods with high water content, they don’t need to drink water as often.

How do baby squirrels get water?

Under normal circumstances, baby squirrels get water from milk. But if the baby squirrel was separated from the mother, you could make a homemade Pedialyte with water.

All you need to mix a homemade Pedialyte is one cup of water, a pinch of salt and sugar. You can drop the Pedialyte solution on the tongue of the baby squirrel.

If you don’t want to make a Pedialyte, you can purchase a puppy milk replacer powder and mix it with water as directed on the packaging.

When can squirrels start drinking water?

After about three-four weeks, squirrels start drinking water. Younger squirrels and baby squirrels get their water from the mother’s milk. Once squirrels start drinking water, they need it every day.

How do squirrels get water in a drought?

In the city, squirrels have no problem getting water. But, in the wild, squirrels have to work harder to get water. In search of water, squirrels often chew off the ends of leaves in search of the last source of moisture.

Squirrels can strip patches of bark from tree trunks and branches to get water. Or, they might dig around plants to get water.


Squirrels need very little water to survive. It doesn’t matter if squirrels live in the wild or in your neighborhood, they can get water from countless sources. Squirrels are experts at finding water sources in the summer and winter. What’s more they can live without drinking water if they eat foods with a high enough water content.