A pressure washer is even more powerful and useful with the right attachments and accessories. Out of the box, a pressure washer is the best tool for cleaning surfaces. The combination of high-pressure water, heat (if you own a hot pressure washer), and detergent can easily remove mold, grime and stains. With the right accessories and attachments, you can increase the cleaning power of your pressure washer.

Many aftermarket attachments are designed to increase your power washer’s capacity, so why not take advantage of them. Use accessories to make your power washer the best tool for cleaning your driveway, exterior walls, garage door, garbage can, BBQ pellet grill or car. Match power washer accessories to your next project.

Pressure Washer Spray Guns

Even with the best intentions, spray guns can break. You can replace or upgrade a basic pressure washer spray gun. If you want a better quality spray gun, look for one with brass or stainless steel components. Better quality materials guarantee greater life and durability.

Note: Hot water pressure washers require spray guns that can handle hot water. Check with the manufacturer before you buy to ensure that the spray gun is designed to handle high-temperature water. Otherwise, you might end up with a spray gun that melts in your hand.

Pressure Washer Brushes

A brush accessory for your pressure washer will help you finish your work faster. Pressure washer brushes are designed to simplify the cleaning process for you. They are excellent for cleaning large surface areas fast. Some fancy pressure washer brushes rotate while cleaning. A pressure washer with a brush attachment is the ideal tool for cleaning your vehicle, driveway, windows, and siding while avoiding damage to the surface.

Why use a rotating surface brush attachment with your pressure washer?

A rotating pressure washer brush is an attachment to improve your pressure washer. You attach the brush to your standard nozzle to provide a deeper cleaning. Using a brush will enable you to achieve deep cleaning, which would be impossible with only a standard nozzle. Having a brush attachment will also make for a gentler cleaning process. That’s one of the reasons why a pressure washer with a brush attachment is the best tool for cleaning windows, cars, or laminated walls.

Benefits of Using a Rotating Brush Pressure Washer Attachment

You will find that it’s easier to achieve a deep cleaning with a brush attachment. Working with a nozzle only might get the job done, but it will not be as effective as a pressure washer with a brush attachment.

Cleaning with a brush attachment on your pressure washer has several important benefits:

  • A pressure washer equipped with a brush is the perfect tool to clean decks.
  • Working with a brush attachment will speed up the project.
  • Cleaning grime with a rotating brush attachment may not require high temperatures.
  • Cleaning with a brush is gentler on surfaces. The brush is safe to use on walls, fences or vehicles.
  • Use a brush attachment for more coverage compared to the standard nozzle.

Using a rotating pressure washer brush allows you to save time. You don’t just save time with a brush attachment. You will also use less water in the process.

Surface Cleaner Attachment for Pressure Washers

Nothing will simplify cleaning flat surfaces than a surface cleaner attachment. Surface cleaner attachments are engineered to distribute the pressure spray over a large area. A surface cleaner includes an internal rotating nozzle bar.

Why you need a surface cleaner attachment?

A surface cleaner will greatly enhance your power washer. Especially for concrete washing, a surface cleaner is the best tool because:

  • If you want to speed up your concrete cleaning project, you need a surface cleaner. According to some estimates, using a surface cleaner can be up to 75% faster than a wand.
  • A surface cleaner will help you save water. Because you can clean the surface faster, you will use less water. It not only saves you money, but it is also more environmentally friendly.
  • Surface cleaners allow for a uniform cleaning pattern. If you only use a wand, the cleaning will result in uneven lines.
  • When using a surface cleaner pressure washer attachment, you are less likely to damage the concrete.

Before you buy a surface cleaner for your pressure washer, make sure that it can run it. Many surface cleaners require a minimum of 4 gallons per minute and 2500 PSI.

Pressure Washer Brooms

A pressure washer broom extension is a combination of a rotating scrub brush and a surface cleaner. The broom accessory makes your pressure washer more effective because it distributes the spray into 2 or 3 nozzle sprays. The result is that your pressure washer can clean a wider area with each pass. These attachments speed up the cleaning process.

Pressure washer brooms are not only more effective but are also gentle on the surface.

Pressure Washer Lances and Wands

Even though your pressure washer includes a stock wand, you can upgrade for one that is much more effective.

The types of wands for pressure washers:

  • Steel wand
  • A telescoping wand
  • Extended wand with quick-connect feature
  • Wand with an adjustable pressure nozzle

You can purchase a telescoping lance to reach higher areas of your external walls or your rain gutters. A telescoping lance is safer because you don’t need to use a ladder to reach higher areas.

Turbo Tips (Nozzles) for Pressure Washers

Turbo tips or nozzles are one of the most important pressure washer accessories on the market today. They are powerful accessories, providing the power of a zero-degree pattern. The circular motion provides for enhanced surface cleaning, particularly for tough cleaning projects like caked-on mud. Turbo nozzles are engineered to provide a 200% cleaning efficiency over a 25-degree flat fan nozzle.

What are the benefits of turbo tip or nozzle attachments?

  • The rotating jet stream greatly increases ordinary nozzle pressure, making it a powerful cleaning tool.
  • Excellent for cleaning patios, decks and driveways.
  • The rotating water pressure increases the intensity and cleaning effect of your pressure washer.
  • Increased pressure washer efficiency.

Water Filters for Pressure Washers

A water filter is an affordable accessory that will keep contaminants out of your pump. Water filters are especially critical if your water comes from a dam or well. If you connect your power washer to a rain collection tank, be sure to attach a water filter between your pressure pump and the feed line.

Foam Cannons for Pressure Washers

With a foam cannon attachment, you can add pressure washer detergent or soap for more effective cleaning. The former is designed to attach to the end of the pressure washer wand. It sprays the surface with soapy foam. When you apply a layer of soap on the surface, it will make it easier for the jet of water to clean the dirt particles. Foam cannons simplify the cleaning of cars and boats.

Must-Have Pressure Washer Accessories

Nothing boosts curb appeal more than a good pressure wash using the right accessories. When you buy a pressure washer, it will include some basic accessories. But if you want to maximize your new pressure washer’s effectiveness, you can add some handy accessories. Before you buy pressure washer accessories, make sure you know what projects you want to accomplish (cleaning a driveway requires different equipment than washing a car) and do your research to make sure that you chose the right attachment from your pressure washer toolkit. The right accessories will not only make your job easier, but they will help your pressure washer last longer.

Here are some of the most important pressure washer accessories:

Soap dispensers – To remove stubborn stains, you will need to use soap. Having a soap dispenser power washer accessory is a great way to save time.

Cleaning fluid – Before you buy cleaning fluid for your pressure washer, make sure it is what you need. Once you start your search for cleaning fluid, you will find that there is a huge selection. It would be best to make sure that the cleaning fluid is specifically for the purpose you want to clean.

A multi-purpose cleaner will do a great job if you are cleaning heavily soiled areas around the outside of your house. If you want to remove oil, grease stains or gas, from your driveway or garage floor, you will need a heavy-duty degreaser.

Pump lube – Your pressure washer will last longer with proper maintenance. To keep your pressure washer running, you should lubricate its various parts.

Hose extension – Every pressure washer system will indeed include a hose, but the original hose might not be long enough for every job. The hose that comes with your pressure washer isn’t heavy-duty grade. So, you might have to replace the original hose because it wore out over the years.

Turbo nozzles – If you have an electric or gas pressure washer and want rotating water pressure, you need a turbo nozzle. It would be best if you only used turbo nozzles for hard surfaces like masonry or concrete. If you use it on wood or other softer surfaces, you might cause damage to the surface.

Surface cleaner – If you want to save time, you need a surface cleaner pressure washer accessory. A surface cleaner is a must-have pressure washer accessory if you want to clean a large surface. They come in various shapes and sizes. The disk-shaped surface cleaner is the most popular. It connects to the wand of your pressure washer, and it’s ready to help you clean surfaces faster.

For best performance, make sure that you move the surface cleaner at a consistent and steady pace. If you move it too slowly, the surface cleaner might damage the surface area. To avoid streaks or swirls, make sure that you don’t move the cleaner too fast.

Rotating brush – A rotating brush is an ideal accessory to protect painted surfaces. It prevents you from causing damage – like stripping paint – while deep cleaning cars or painted walls or fences.

Are pressure washer accessories universal?

Unfortunately, not all accessories will fit on all brands on pressure washers. You can expect gas pressure washers to be somewhat more universal. Making it easier to connect accessories to gas pressure washers. Expect electric pressure washers to have more proprietary connections.

How to choose compatible attachments for my pressure washer?

  • Gas pressure washer attachment connections
    • Quick Connect (QC) (Make sure it’s compatible with your pressure washer’s connection.) The quickest and easiest way to connect an accessory to your power washer. They include an o-ring in order to prevent leaks.
    • 3/8 threaded (Don’t confuse these with M22 connections.)
    • M22 (14 mm)
  • Electric pressure washer attachment connections – You need to check with your manufacturer, to make sure the accessory is compatible with your electric pressure washer.

Final thoughts about pressure washer attachments and accessories

A pressure washer is a great tool for any homeowner. If you want to get the most out of your pressure washer, it helps to have the proper accessories and attachments. With a little bit of research, you can get the best attachment for every project around the house.