You might be thinking; it’s time to make a career change. A dream job is more about what you want and less about making your parents, friends or spouse happy. A dream job is not about a paycheck. It’s about passion and doing what you love. Is it even possible to have a career you love?

Perhaps the most important first step toward finding the best career for you is honesty. Many of us have been stuck in jobs we need to pay our bills. You have to be really honest with yourself. Many of us have been working in jobs long enough to learn how to sell a story about “why” we put up with a job we hate.

Be really honest. What is your dream job? Before you start your job hunt, have a clear picture of what you want in a job. This is not a simple process because it requires honest answers to several questions.

What work environment do you prefer?

If you hate to work in an office environment, you should avoid jobs that require employees to sit in an office. If you love the outdoors, you should probably avoid jobs that require you to spend most of your day indoors. Do you like working from home? Search for remote jobs. If you really want to work from home, you will never be truly happy commuting to a job every day.

What do you like to do?

Every job description includes several key requirements. If a job requires constant interaction with customers, but you would rather work alone with few contacts, you should avoid such a job. Do you love to talk to people, or do you prefer working on tasks on your own?

Think about your current job. What do you like about it the most and what do you dislike about it? Look for jobs that require more of the activities you enjoy.

What values are important to you?

Do you want to work for a fast-growing company where the only thing that matters is revenue? Do you prefer to work in a lowe-paying but more relaxed non-profit job? Your dream job must align with your values. Your core values determine who you are and what your dream job should be. Identify your core values as you look for your ideal job.

How much money do you want to earn?

You should be able to earn enough money to support your lifestyle. Research pay for your dream job and determine if it would support your current lifestyle. In the best possible situation, you can earn enough to support your family. If your dream job pays less than your current job, you could think of ways to reduce your expenses.

Imagine the perfect job.

If you could create your dream job, what would it look like? Would you work in an office? Would you travel as part of your job? Would you work for a large company or a brand new startup? What would your daily job responsibilities look like? What would you do? What skills would you need to have to excel at your dream job? A great way to assess your perfect job is to think about activities you would enjoy doing even if you didn’t get paid. Of course, it helps if what you like to do is also in demand.

Do you have the necessary skills to land your dream job?

What job skills you have is completely in your control. The most important thing is to know what skills you must have to work in your dream job. Make an honest assessment of what you need to learn to confidently interview for the job. Create a realistic road map to master the required skills.