A vacation without relaxation is a missed opportunity to unwind and recharge. Choose your vacation destination carefully. Vacation in a location where you don’t have to make an effort to relax.

The daily stress we often can’t escape is the direct result of the relentless pace of our life. As you spend your day putting out one fire after another, finding ways to relax remains a challenge.

Quiet and relaxing vacations are wonderful. You get to rest and relax on the sand, soak in some sunshine, go for a peaceful stroll, and maybe read a great book or take a nice, long swim in the sea. For many people, spending a relaxing vacation is a favorite pastime.

Sometimes to destress, you *really* have to get away, be it a national park adventure, snorkeling off the shores of a Greek island, or rugged mountain retreat. Are you looking for somewhere to disconnect, unwind, and relax?

Tips for a Relaxing Vacation

Have you ever returned from a highly anticipated vacation feeling more stressed and exhausted than you did before your vacation? You may need to rethink your approach to trips and holidays.

The goal of a real vacation (and no, catching up on work on your days off doesn’t count as a vacation) is to recharge your body and relax your mind from the stresses of your hectic life.

Managing stress is critical for maintaining a healthy life. It’s no secret that stress can increase your risk of everything from headaches to serious conditions such as heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. Even if you don’t feel overly stressed, it’s important to seize opportunities to decompress and give your mind and body a well-deserved break to reset.

Here are a few tips for you for a more relaxing vacation:

Plan a relaxing vacation for you, not others.

If you want a relaxing vacation, you have to be honest with yourself. If total relaxation is a quiet beach destination for you, don’t book a trip to a crowded tourist destination just because a friend went there. Take the vacation you want, and to the location you want. A weekend trip to a relaxing spa might be more your style than visiting your inlaws in Chicago.

Limit your activities for a more relaxing vacation.

Even on vacation, less is more. Give yourself an extra day before and after your vacation. It is easier to relax during your vacation, if you give yourself a little time to make your final preparations before you leave on your trip. Once you get back, give yourself time to unpack and recover a bit from your travels. If you don’t have to jump back into your workday routine immediately, your vacation will have a more relaxing long-term effect.

Leaving for a vacation with a long to-do list is a sure way to stress everyone out. It’s great to have goals for things to do and places to see, but you are on vacation to rest and relax. So, make a point of plenty of chill time in your schedule.

An affordable vacation is a relaxing vacation.

Five star hotels are great, but not if you are in debt when you return from your vacation. It’s tempting to splurge on vacations, but the cost of your travels can add up fast. Managing expectations, creating a realistic budget for your trip will help manage your family’s expectations. It’s important to stick to your budget, but leave a little room for extras. If you plan your vacation budget with a bit of a buffer for some unexpected expenses, you won’t trigger a stress pike every time you have to whip out your credit card.

One eye on your email and social accounts is not a relaxing vacation.

It’s hard to relax if you can’t unplug from work. Before you leave on your vacation, make a plan to unplug from work. Delegate some of the work that must be done while you are away. Set a vacation email response with the date of your return, the emails and phone numbers of people to contact while you are gone. For the ideal vacation, you have to find ways to shut down your “working self” until you are back at work.

For some people, it is impossible to completely unplug from work. If that’s you, you should limit the time you spend on work-related tasks. You could set one 30-minute period each day to deal with job tasks. Beyond that, it’s going to have to be tomorrow or after your vacation.

Let’s look at some of the most relaxing vacation destinations in the world.

Faroe Islands, Denmark

Wondering how relaxing it is in the Faroe Islands? The far-flung archipelago is considered one of the most stunning locations that most people will never see. The Faroe Islands are far from being well-traveled, and that is one of the reasons it is the ultimate isolation holiday destination. Along the Faroe Islands coastline, you are sure to find a secluded beach somewhere that’s just aching to be discovered.

The Faroe Islands is an excellent slow travel destination for those who long to wind down and recharge. It is the destination to slow down and relax. In this remote corner of the world, you will visit meandering coasts. All the mountains, valleys, and cliffs your visit come with unmatched quietness.

Savannah, USA

If the pressures of your job is getting you down, plan some time to Savannah, Georgia. Savannah forces you to slow down and relax. Once you get there, you will find that it isn’t seemly to rush around Savannah as big city folk do. Ease into your holiday with an unmistakably southern approach to relaxation.

With its relaxing parks, rich history, moss-draped oaks, Savannah is a top destination for all who seek relaxation. Spending an afternoon strolling around the historic district of Savannah is relaxing enough on its own – it’s the surest way to feel like you’ve taken a bonafide quiet getaway.

Omis, Croatia

Omis is actually one of Croatia’s lesser-visited destinations. Gorgeously pristine, white sands and blue seawater await you once you arrive at Omis. Omis is only 22 km from Split airport. The quickest way to get to Omis is to take a taxi from the airport.

Are you tired of everything and just want to kayak, sunbathe, hike, swim, and relax? Those are some of the favorite activities to visitors to Omis, Croatia. If you want something more tranquil than a noisy resort and need a break from all-inclusive vacations full of loud music, check out Omis.

For relaxation, seclusion, and privacy Omis and its small hotels specialize in peace and quiet. Omis occupies one of the most scenic spots in the heart of Dalmatia. The fresh sea breeze and crashing surf will lift your mood and soothe your nerves like no other place.

Lake Balaton, Hungary

Lake Balaton has a special kind of magic. It is the largest lake in central Europe. Located in Hungary, lake Balaton is an affordable family-oriented travel destination. From sailing and hiking to wine-tasting, and immersing yourself in thermal baths, there are so many ways to relax.

Summer is the perfect time to visit the lake – days are long, warm, and calming, inviting you to kick back and relax, surrounded by the natural scenery and lake views.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

If you want to relax and see some of Norway’s most beautiful beaches, you couldn’t go wrong with a trip to Lofoten Islands. The Lofoten Islands are relatively undiscovered, and you are guaranteed to avoid large crowds when visiting. Lofoten is an archipelago of five large and five small islands in the northern part of Norway, near the Arctic Circle.

Its unspoiled beaches and breath-taking views are sure to be a memorable experience. Home to the Northern Lights and the midnight sun, the Lofoten Islands offer some of the most fascinating phenomenons on earth.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira, located in Portugal, is a relaxing oasis of green within the Atlantic Ocean. Located within the island are towering mountains, dramatic natural scenery, and welcoming people, echoing the laid back nature of the Portuguese.

Madeira is not your average beach holiday destination; this is a location to go and relax, immerse in local culture or find solitude walking one of its tranquil beaches. If you are after a relaxing destination, Madeira boasts an excellent climate, world-class lodging options, while offering phenomenal value for your money. Madeira is diverse and fun, and a vacation here can be as relaxing or exhilarating as you want it to be.

The Maldives

The Maldives is an island paradise located in the Indian Ocean. If you want a truly relaxing experience and you have the budget, you should rent your own villa. If you want to stay at one of the luxurious island resorts, a bungalow could cost you more than $500 per night. The best reason to visit the Maldives is pure relaxation and “me time.” There is not much to do beyond, allowing yourself to wind down. When you visit the Maldives, you are on an island paradise, so the best way to spend your holiday is by doing as little as possible. Sink into a hammock and relax to the sound of the gentle ocean breeze.

According to scientists, the Maldives might disappear in the next few decades, so you better not wait too long before you visit this island paradise.

Lake Como, Italy

Nestled amongst the snow-capped mountains in Lombardy, Italy, you will find a Y-shaped body of water called Lake Como. Its quiet waves cover over 90 square miles, making it the third-largest lake in Italy. Formed by a long-ago glacier, Lake Como has been an oasis for the wealthy since Roman times. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction famous for its elegant old villas, breathtaking vistas, spas, palaces, historic churches, and wildlife. And don’t forget water-based activities like sailing, windsurfing, or simply riding on the ferry. You’ll want somewhere peaceful to stay in which to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Here is a list of the top three bed and breakfasts in the Lake Como area:

#3 – Le Eriche (“The Heathers”)

Located less than two miles from Lake Como’s tourist center, Menaggio, Le Eriche presents visitors with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. If you’re looking for a peaceful way to enjoy the outdoors, Le Eriche is for you. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted warmly by the hosts. Guests have two types of rooms to choose from, each with a private garden where free breakfast is served each morning. The room comes with a fridge, free Wi-Fi, a parking space, and a crib (if requested). The rooms are well furnished and clean. Guests staying at Le Eriche most often comment about the spectacular views, excellent breakfasts, and warm service. At Le Eriche, you are treated like friends.

#2 – Nest on the Lake

A few minutes drive from the famous Bellagio resort in the charming village of Lezzeno lies what was once a simple fisherman’s house. Today the structure is a casual bed and breakfast called Nest on the Lake. All bedrooms look out upon Isola Comacina, Lake Como’s only island. This inn can be hard to find, but you won’t want to leave once you get there. Guests are treated to spacious rooms and a private beach. Make sure to book a room with a balcony to enjoy stunning sunsets over the lake! The inn has a peaceful, antiquated feel that will make you feel like you’re staying at grandma’s house. Start your morning with a delicious outdoor breakfast as you watch for swans and other wildlife. Explore the many restaurants within walking distance, take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, relax on a raft in the lake, and make sure to ask your host about the bus and ferry services.

#1 – Villa Tres Jolie

Our number one pick is Villa Tres Jolie, a luxurious bed and breakfast located above the lake at its top end. Surrounded by mountains, Villa Tres Jolie was designed for relaxation. Inside you will find a generous breakfast room, a library in mountain chalet style, a “salone” (bar), and a room full of information about things to do in the Lake Como area. Outside is a sun terrace with a hot tub. During the summer, breakfast is served outside on the terrace. Organic, homegrown produce is used as much as possible. Villa Tres Jolie offers “special weeks” where guests can learn about Italian topics such as wine, language, culture, and cooking. Make sure to contact the villa in advance if you are interested in staying during a special week.

Capri, Italy

Taking a trip to Capri, Italy, is a relaxing getaway with breathtaking sunsets and amazing views. The best way to visit Capri, which can be overrun by tourists, is to hire a skipper. Hiring your own skipper allows you to avoid the crowds as you spend a few hours swimming and exploring the island.

Algarve, Portugal

What is it that makes the Algarve so relaxing? Until you’ve wiggled your toes in the soft, warm sand of a stunning Algarve beach, you haven’t experienced your most relaxing beach life. Calm down, visiting the fine white sands and calm azure waters in the central Algarve. There are some tranquil walking trails, both by the sea and inland, for you to relax.

Neuchatel, Switzerland

Nestled in the Jura Mountains, Neuchatel brims with opportunities to fascinate the adventurous traveler. Less well known than many Alpine locales, Neuchatel offers cozy charm and a relaxed atmosphere to those who visit. The town is located in northwest Switzerland on the shore of Lake Neuchatel, the largest Swiss lake, and surrounded by the Jura’s foothills.

Neuchatel has long been known as the center of the watch-making world and has produced fine timepieces since the 1600s. Because of Neuchatel’s relative isolation, particularly before rail and auto travel, the bustling town was forced to manufacture its products, including watches. Today, tourists can take watch-making tours to learn the rich history behind this craft or stroll the streets window shopping for some of the finest watches on earth.

Diving even farther back into history, the Collegiale Church, built-in 1276, stands proudly in the old town square atop a hill that overlooks the more modern metropolitan area. Enjoy the intricate stained glass windows and the fifteen giant statues of knights inside the old cathedral. Next to this gothic cathedral sits the Chateau, an imposing stone building over a millennium old, constructed in its first iteration during Roman times. While the entire hilltop gives a magnificent view of the surrounding area, a climb to the adjacent prison tower’s top provides a truly breathtaking panorama of the city.

For those fond of the outdoors, Neuchatel’s pristine landscape boasts a plethora of hiking trails to the active visitor. For a leisurely walk during summer, enjoy the Lake Path along Lake Neuchatel and enjoy easy access to beaches and cafes. Just outside of the city, more opportunities to interact with some of Switzerland’s most beautiful vistas await.

Further outside of the city is the Areuse Gorge. Follow the path as it descends into the gorge, and peer over footbridges as you cross beautiful turquoise pools, bubbling brooks, and clear waterfalls. For the daring, Neuchatel is a nearby stop for those hiking the Jura Peak Trail, and for those who only want a taste of the mountains, take a day trip through a portion of this ridgeway.

To recover from any strenuous activities you may have undertaken, Neuchatel is home to many gastronomical treats. Though famous for the eponymous cheese, the town also has plenty to offer in the way of artisan wine, chocolate, local sausage, and bewitching absinthe. After a full dead, head to one of a few lakefront hotels to enjoy a peaceful evening and Lake Neuchatel’s stunning view.

Neuchatel offers visitors a rich history, vibrant culture, and spectacular landscapes. At the same time, it avoids feeling crowded and overrun by tourists, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a quiet place for a holiday.

Sanibel Island, USA

There are lots of beautiful beaches in the United States, but Sanibel Island is special. Soaking up the sun, a stroll along the shore, immerse yourself in this unspoiled paradise in Florida. When you are here, there is only one thing to remember, “don’t do too much.”

Corfu, Greece

It’s no secret that Corfu, Greece, is one of the most relaxing travel destinations in the world. The sound of crashing waves falling softly on the fine sand. The ease of access to town, beaches, and solitude. You can have it all in Corfu.

Corfu offers those who want to relax and distress history, cuisine, and pristine landscapes.

Procida, Italy

Procida is a beautiful Italian island located in the Bay of Naples. The island enjoys a warm and temperate climate. This part of Italy is rich in things to do, and you could easily spend a month in the area relaxing. It’s easy to fall for Procida with all of its ancient, faded, and crumbling streets. This hidden gem offers welcome relief after days of hectic sightseeing on mainland Italy.

Nantucket, USA

If a stunning island stroll, seaside bike paths, or whaling lore sounds like a relaxing getaway to you, consider Nantucket, USA. There are so many reasons to make a relaxing escape to the Islands. Visitors to Nantucket’s 80-miles of coastline can enjoy a free and public beach access. Nantucket retains a laid back charm.

Kotor, Montenegro

An ancient walled city, set beside sparkling blue seas and backed by sheer mountains, Kotor delivers everything Dubrovnik does but without the crowds.

Kiawah Island, USA

Relaxation in nature is the main attraction here. Kiawah Island is a favorite travel destination for many because of its quiet and tranquil lagoons, maritime forests, and wild dunes leading to the Atlantic Ocean. The island offers ten miles of beaches to explore. Relax in your beach chair or under the shade of an umbrella.

Azores, Portugal

This relaxing archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Because the Azores are not well known, it has never been overrun by tourist crowds. Regardless of which island you visit, you’ll find calming natural feats with a unique personality. Depending on the time of the year, you may see a wide variety of dolphin and whale species.